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Safe Driving Tips for Parents

Safe driving tips for parents of teen drivers give parents some ways they can help their teens learn how to drive better and in a safer manner. There are many things we can do to impact the safety of our teens, and as parents we do not need to feel helpless and sit back and wait for something bad to happen. Safety starts with the parent, and with your leadership a teen driver under your tutelage can master new skills and learn good habits.

Model Safe Driving Behavior

First and foremost, parents of new teen drivers need to understand that they are teaching even when they are not teaching. What we mean by this is that teens are going to learn as much from the way you drive as they will from the way you tell them how to drive. And if these two don’t match, they might actually ignore your advice completely seeing that you don’t even follow it yourself.

Be sure to model safe driving behavior out on the road. Always wear your seat belt and buckle up before you even put the car in gear. Talk about the importance of seat belts and mirror adjustments as part of a routine to develop as they start the car. When you are out on the road, obey the speed limits and drive courteously, even defensively. This is actually a great opportunity to teach about defensive driving and car maintenance such as replacing car fuel filters.

Teaching Defensive Driving Techniques

You don’t have to wait for the teen to get behind the wheel to start teaching. Especially in the beginning, every time you get in the car together is a teachable moment. Demonstrate defensive driving and talk through it, explaining why you are doing the things you do and making the choices you make. If you are keeping clear of a big rig in the right lane, for example, talk about why and maybe even mention the blind spots that truckers have to deal with.

When your teen is driving, this emphasis on defensive driving should still be there. Teens get into more accidents than any other group, and part of the reason is their failure to anticipate the actions of other drivers. Make sure your child pays attention to these things and recognizes that part of the key to being safe is trying to account for everyone else on the road and not just yourself.

Setting Rules for Teen Driving

Once your teen is licensed, there may or may not be legal limits in place for his driving set by you state. If there are, this is a good thing. Usually they involve the number of passengers allowed in the vehicle and the time at night when driving is not permitted. If your state does not have a graduated licensing program, consider setting some ground rules yourself. Limit the passengers to one or maybe even none at all for a while. Set a driving curfew and relax it gradually as your teen gains skill and experience. Some kids really need to be limited to only daytime driving.

Don’t be afraid to set ground rules. When you do, make it known that they are only temporary and that they are not a punishment, just a plan to help your kid get better as a driver with less pressure and danger involved. Learn to apply these simple tips for parents of young drivers and think of others that are important to you and help your teen avoid accidents and other car insurance claims. Safe parental driving is the key when we teach our kids how to drive.


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