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DUI Car Insurance

DUI car insurance is easy to locate online. Additionally, thanks to the Internet, you no longer must expect to pay high insurance rates just because you had a DUI. In fact, low rates are available whether you have a recent conviction or one in the past. This means the stress of finding affordable car insurance is eliminated so you can instead focus on overcoming your legal troubles and put them in the past for good. Here are a few things you should know about obtaining coverage after a DUI and how you can quickly find low rates.

Getting Insured

If you recently had a DUI, you are likely well aware of the legal processes that go into suffering the consequences of that offense. However, what you may not have thought of is what would happen to your insurance after your provider was notified of the legal issue. If you are similar to many other drivers who have dealt with this situation, the provider you had likely dropped your policy after the offense. If this happened, you may be become angry or disappointed with yourself because of losing the policy. However, you shouldn't let this get to you because it happens to a lot of people and the insurance company was likely just following their standard policies.

Thankfully, there are many wonderful companies currently offering DUI car insurance and auto insurance discounters to car drivers like you so you can hopefully become insured again in no time. Additionally, despite what many people may have told you about now having to pay extremely high DUI auto insurance rates, you can actually find very reasonable DUI car insurance quotes online even for specialized policies such as one day car insurance. This means you will have more money left over to pay off any legal fees you developed or just to begin saving up more for the future.

One thing you should be aware of after you decide which of the DUI vehicle insurance quotes you are going to choose, is the provider will have to file a SR-22 document saying they have insured you. Then, after a certain number of years, the SR-22 filing requirement will be dropped and you will become like any other car driver to the provider.

Since this is likely the first time you are researching DUI automobile insurance quotes after being convicted, you may be tempted to just choose the first offer you receive because you feel fortunate to have found a company that will offer you coverage. However, you should resist this urge because, just like every other driver, you deserve reasonably priced coverage, no matter the legal troubles you have had.

With this in mind, you should compare car insurance offers before selecting one to ensure you are getting the best deal. Just a few of the items you will want to evaluate on each of the offers are the deductible amounts and how much coverage is offered in each plan. Deductibles are very important because this is how much you will be required to pay for repairs before the DUI car insurance plan will begin covering their portion. You don't want to choose a policy with a higher deductible rate than you can afford because, if you are involved in an accident and must pay the deductible amount, it could put you deep into debt.

In addition to evaluating the deductibles in the DUI car insurance offers, you should also look at the coverage offered in each plan. When you first start driving the car again, you may want to select a full coverage plan so you won't have to pay any repair costs if you have to file a claim. You won't want to pay any car repair costs because you will likely still be working to repay the legal fees and this additional expense would just further set you back.

Saving on Car Policies

While you are now aware that you can find affordable DUI rates online, you may not be aware that you may have a few additional options for saving even more on the premium. First of all, you may want to research if any of the companies offering you auto insurance quotes have a discount for those car drivers who pay their DUI car insurance premiums in full every time they are up for renewal instead of making monthly payments. While this discount may be small, it is still worthwhile to check into.

While, directly after your car DUI, you may not qualify for additional discounts, you will hopefully qualify for more in a few years when the DUI isn't so fresh on your record. In the meantime you should always make the premium payments on time to avoid issues with the provider. Additionally, one of the best things you can do is remain out of legal trouble to avoid future complications.


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