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DUI Car Insurance

Any individual convicted of a dui (driving under the influence) charge can assume that their premiums will be extremely high for the foreseeable future. Dui car insurance will also not be easy to obtain. Seeking dui car insurance means you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs when caught. It is a very serious situation to be in, simply because every 45 minutes someone dies on the highway due to an individual(s) being high on drugs or alcohol.

This being said, dui car insurance is still necessary for someone to be able to earn a living and to conduct a normal life. Not every driver is a repeat offender but a good percentage of them are. If you had an exemplary driving record, even if it was just because you were never caught, now tough consequences are ahead.

The car insurance company will hike rates immediately upon learning of a conviction. The policy will in reality become a dui car insurance policy, with all the steep premium charges. They may not learn this information immediately because legally an insurance company is only allowed to check your record every 3 years and upon signing up a new client or if the individual is starting a new policy. There have been cases that information concerning a dui record never made it to the official DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) record. This would be a stroke of good fortune for that individual and possibly a danger to others in the future.

Should the insurance company discover your problem, they may give you dui car insurance or cancel the policy. If the policy is canceled the individual has two strike. One strike being labeled as insurable only under a dui car insurance policy. The other being the cancellation of the policy. Having a policy canceled is not very good when applying for dui car insurance or any type of insurance.

Every state has differing laws concerning dui car insurance. Most states will require the offender to get a form called an SR-22 from the company that is insuring them under dui car insurance. This brings the offender out into the open. The purpose of this form is to prove you are carrying liability car insurance and removes the act of the license being suspended. In addition, this form requires the insurance company to notify the state DMV if for any reason they cancel the policy. This procedure that keeps track of dui car insurance will be part of the person's driving life from 3 to 5 years.

Not all companies offer SR 22 policies, which are in essence dui car insurance policies. If this is the case with your present company, the policy will be canceled because they do not deal in dui car insurance. You must then go elsewhere for car insurance. Many times a person convicted will never have to get dui car insurance because the states and courts often do not share information. Though it might be regarded as a "scarlet letter," the public is safer when it is known that the individuals in question carry dui car insurance.


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