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Driving under the Influence Impacts Insurance

With news of David Cassidy being arrested for a DUI, it's important to remember that driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a serious offense that has major repercussions both legally and financially for drivers. If a driver gets convicted of a DUI or similar driving offense, the first time they might not see jail other than their initial booking, but there will certainly be some probation involved and probably community service as well. Getting decent legal defense in place even if you plan to cop a plea is essential in these circumstances to protect your interests, but the cost of a good attorney plus any other fines and fees that you might end up having to pay can really add up. But this is sometimes small potatoes compared to the impact driving under the influence and getting caught can have on car insurance premiums.

How DUI Affects Auto Insurance

Most people who have had a DUI ticket only get one. That is because it is so expensive that it makes you change your driving behavior after just one offense so that you never make the choice to operate a vehicle under the influence again. Most drivers who have made the careless mistake once either stop drinking to excess, or they count on designated drivers, cabs, or other options to get home after a night of drinking. Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence has severe repercussions on insurance premiums that make most people think long and hard before ever doing it again.

Most auto insurers assign rates to drivers based on their assessment of the risk these drivers represent to them, In other words, if an insurer feels that you are risky to insure, if they think you are a good bet to get into an accident or commit a major violation of some sort, you will be classified high risk and pay high rates to match that classification. Driving under the influence, and having that on your record, demonstrates to providers that you are someone who makes bad choices, and that you're also a good candidate to get behind the wheel and do it again. Thus, for a period that could span for five year or longer, operating under the influence tickets can cost us thousands of dollars on our premiums.

This is, of course, assuming we have the legal ability to drive. Sometimes drivers have to get an SR 22 policy or go through other measures if their legal right to drive has been suspended or otherwise curtailed. Driving under the influence of alcohol is a terrible choice and one that can potentially impact many other lives aside from that of the driver. But those who get caught committing this offense have major financial complications that they have to work through, sometimes over a period of many years. The risk inherent of driving drunk already places you and others in danger of an accident, injury, and even death. But for those to whom this is not a motivator to change their behaviors, driving a car while under the influence also gets extremely expensive whenever you get caught.

Expense of DUI Citations

Driving under the influence is something no one should ever do. It is a risky behavior that endangers the driver, any passengers, and all others who share the road with them. Comprehensive auto insurance companies take this risk very seriously because it costs them millions of dollars in claims every year. It is impossible to get a good deal on a policy with a DUI. Save money and save your life: don't risk driving under the influence and stay safe on the road.


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