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Commercial Auto Insurance for Dump Trucks

Commercial auto insurance for dump trucks provides special coverage that ensures the right level of protection if any claim situation should ever arise. Dump truck insurance policies have to account for the way the vehicles are used and the specific threats their drivers and owners face every day. Owners of these commercial vehicles need to understand the importance of being properly insured and having the right kind of coverage to take care of their claims in the event of an accident or other loss situation. Knowing the requirements for insuring dump trucks makes it much easier to focus in on your search for adequate auto insurance protection for these specialized and hard working vehicles.

Dump Trucks are Commercial Vehicles

As with any other auto insurance policy, determining your needs for insurance for your dump truck has more to do with thinking about the way you use it than anything else. You may need a special policy for your company type, or perhaps some insurance without credit scores.  Dump trucks are commercial vehicles that perform specific tasks during the course of the work day. They are very handy to have in many different business types across multiple industries. Many companies find them to be indispensible, as valuable as any of their best employees. Since these trucks are so important to the success of your business, it follows that you would want to protect them as best you can with a solid auto insurance policy that covers all bases.

Dump trucks are in essence heavy pieces of commercial equipment that are subject to federal and state level rules and regulations. As far as insurance goes, one of the aspects of this state level regulation is in the form of compulsory primary liability insurance. Liability coverage covers any property damage and/or bodily injuries that may come up as a result of an accident involving the dump truck for which its driver is found liable by legal authorities or insurance investigators.

Dump Truck Insurance Protects Businesses

If a dump truck is owned by a business such as a commercial trucking company, full coverage commercial auto insurance is a good idea. But if a dump truck is leased to another trucking company, the company leasing the vehicle from its owner sometimes provides liability insurance while it is being used on the job site. But even with this being the case, the owner of the dump truck will still need to take care of physical damage coverage for the vehicle, insurance protection that covers the dump truck in collisions and other claim circumstances. The dump truck owner is often also still responsible for providing liability insurance while the vehicle is being transported to and from the job site.

Dump Truck Physical Damage Insurance

In a commercial dump truck auto insurance policy, the physical damage portion of the policy includes several areas of coverage. Collision and comprehensive appear much like they do in a standard personal car insurance plan. But in addition we see a specialized form of fire and theft insurance that features combined additional coverage (CAC), which includes not just theft and fire scenarios but also protection from the financial expenses related to lightning, floods, earthquakes, and other natural phenomena and will be reflected in your online car insurance rate.

Insuring Dump Truck Cargo

Dump truck cargo insurance is not mandated by law, but it is pretty much a necessity for all business owners. The cargo in the trucks quite typically is what allows companies to operate and to stay in business. Premiums for this coverage are based on certain factors tied to the risk taken on by insurers. The value of the cargo, the explosiveness or level of danger associated with hauling it, and other such factors will all contribute to the setting of premiums by insurance companies.

Businesses that have at least the required minimum number of dump trucks may be eligible for fleet insurance. The availability and specific requirements for eligibility for these programs varies according to the laws of the various states and the policies of the different insurers in business in those states. The big advantage of fleet insurance is that it drops down the cost of the overall premium for the business. In most cases a certain number of vehicles must be owned by the business for the company to qualify for fleet coverage.

Dump truck insurance is costly sometimes, but there are ways to keep costs down to a minimum. Make sure you check the driving records of any drivers who use the vehicles. Just like with a personal policy, all drivers who are listed on the policy have their records considered as part of the underwriting process. Make sure to get quotes from leading insurers in your local area and compare prices to save on your policy. Use the free quote form at the top of this page and get quotes on commercial auto insurance for dump trucks.


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