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Dunwoody Car Insurance

Dunwoody car insurance is an important thing to consider if you are making the trek to Dunwoody, GA. Whether you are moving here permanently or temporarily residing in Dunwoody, be sure to compare the various car insurance options. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn how much you can save by thinking outside the box when buying your Dunwoody car insurance.

Dunwoody Auto Insurance Choices

For most people, car insurance is a once a year type of purchase. You pay or renew your premium once a year and are protected from anything on the road for this amount of time. Then, once it comes time to renew your policy, you simply pay the premium again without asking questions. While this may seem like the easiest way to buy and pay insurance, this is not the only way. Furthermore, it could be the more expensive way to buy Dunwoody car insurance. Buying Georgia vehicle coverage on an annual basis is not the only option you have. There are plenty of other options when it comes to purchasing Dunwoody car insurance that may be more suitable for your needs.

Insuring your vehicle temporarily on a short term policy is a good option for some residents in Dunwoody, especially if you do not drive every month. If you are visiting Dunwoody you can opt to just insure your vehicle for the time you are here. This is a great option for out of state visitors or if your in-laws are coming into town for the summer. Rather than having to drive them around everywhere, they can purchase their own temporary Dunwoody car insurance and have the freedom and security to go where and when they want.

You can get temporary vehicle coverage for any amount of time, from one day to eight months. For students that only use their vehicle for the summer months, this is a great option. Rather than pay to park your auto in your parent’s garage while you attend school somewhere else, you only pay for when you actually are home using it. However, anyone can benefit from taking their car off the road for a few weeks or months of the year and opting for temporary car insurance or pay-by-the-month coverage instead. Consider taking public transit or taking your bike to work during those warmer months. You will be surprised how easy it is to live without your car once you do it for a week or two.

Insuring Your Vehicle Short Term

Pay as you Drive is another unique type of vehicle coverage that works great for those that do not drive a long distance every year. If you work close to home or if you spend a lot of time walking, then Pay as You Drive rewards you for your fuel efficiently. You only pay for the miles you actually drive. Occasional drivers will benefit from this policy option enormously and you could cut your annual Dunwoody automobile insurance premium into smaller chunks.

You may also want to look at a multi policy during your car coverage review if you need to insure more than one vehicle. A multi policy means that you insure more than one car on the same policy. You get only one premium that is typically much lower than if you opt for two separate policies. Most providers also offer a multi policy discount for drivers in Dunwoody that choose to insure this way.

Furthermore, you are only dealing with one insurance provider which makes it much easier to manage your bills and make a claim if you need to. Rather than wasting your time digging through the drawers looking for what policy goes with which car and what vehicle is insured for which situation, you get the ease of knowing that all your vehicles are taken care of by the same trusted provider.

Georgia Car Insurance Quotes

Regardless of what type of policy you decide to go with, be sure that you are buying adequate coverage for your needs. All drivers across the state of Georgia need to purchase at least $25,000 per person up to $50,000 per accident of bodily injury liability as well as $25,000 of property damage protection. It is against the law to drive without this. However, you may want to include additional coverage on top of the basic coverage to offer you more substantial protection in the event of a collision, a theft or a serious medical injury.

Compare your options online when it comes to buying Dunwoody vehicle insurance. You will have instant access to a multiple policy options from trusted providers in Dunwoody and across Georgia. You don’t have to accept the first policy given to you – keep your mind and your options open when it comes to insuring your car with Dunwoody car insurance this season.


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