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Dwayne Johnson Gets Faster

Dwayne Johnson formerly known and forever referred to as The Rock, is a man of many talents. With his irresistible bad boy persona mixed with his body builder's good looks, Dwayne Johnson appeals to both men and women alike. From the very beginning Dwayne Johnson has been a successful person, first as a football player, next as a third generation wrestler and now as a Hollywood movie star. No matter what situation he is in he seems to take charge and ooze charm from every pore. Because of these favorable characteristics, Dwayne Johnson is destined to be a household name like low prices at Walmart for a long time to come.

Early Success

Dwayne Johnson was born into an athletic, wrestling family. From his grandfather to his father and even his mother, he had athleticism in his genes. In high school he played football on a very competitive team. He was also involved in track and wrestling. After success on his varsity team he became a much sought after recruit in college. He was given a full ride scholarship to play at the University of Miami, where he was on a championship team. His seemingly golden football career was knocked off track by an injury that had him sidelined. Although a future in the NFL was not in the cards for him, the future still looked bright.

Once football was no longer an option, Dwayne Johnson chose to lean on the family business of professional wrestling. With his father by his side as his trainer, he learned all there was to know to become a superstar. After a few years he became known as the very popular and sometimes hated character of The Rock. With just the right amount of attitude and muscle to please any wrestling fan, he fought his way to a number of championship titles. Male fans loved his tough guy personality, while female fans were attracted to his rugged good looks and of course "the eyebrow". Unlike some other wrestling stars, The Rock was able to translate this popularity in the ring into box office success.

Current Big Screen Hits

After the successful transition from wrestling star into movie star, Dwayne Johnson has continued to show the world why he deserves all the fame and fortune. His big break came in the movie, The Scorpion King, which was a spin off of a small role he had in the first Mummy movie. Following a string of action roles, he showed that the rough and tumble character was not the only role he was able to play. Now officially know as Dwayne Johnson, he moved on to acting in dramas and comedies. He also tried out a few family friendly roles that were all modest box office hits. These kinds of movies showed that he was not just another good looking muscle head, but he could actually act.

The movie Faster has just been released and is a return to the action movie roots that have served Dwayne Johnson so well. He has been making the rounds on the TV talk shows, even showing up at half time of football games to promote the release of the film. Playing a man out for revenge is just the kind of tough guy movie that works well for him. Going faster in cars might not be good for car club insurance rates, but it can be good for box office returns. Time will tell if the return to this action packed genre will pay off and rocket Dwayne Johnson into an even higher level of fame.


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