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Easy Savings on Car Insurance

Easy savings on car insurance help us as covered drivers to deal with the cost of being insured in states with insurance required by law. It is less painful to send in that premium check every month when you know you are getting a great deal in the transaction. But if you know you're getting raked over the coals, it is hard to even write out the name of the auto insurance company without cringing. In the old days drivers often just had to put up with it if they felt that they were being taken advantage of as customers. After all, the local agency only had so many companies to choose from and the best the poor agents could do was offer you the best rates they could find.

But these days, thanks primarily to advances in computer technology allowing us to shop for coverage and insurers to offer it without regard to geographical borders, it is possible to do something about it if your local insurance agency cannot find you a fair price on your insurance. For those of us who are willing to put just a little bit of time in, it is possible to find a policy that combines great pricing with excellent protection. And this is really the goal of all car insurance consumers, so if you achieve this goal it means you're doing something right. As a driver and a consumer you only need to be willing to do what it takes to get what you want.

Comparison Shopping for Car Insurance

When you are looking for easy savings on car insurance, the best place to start really is a free quote site like this one that offers free auto insurance quotes from leading insurers in your area for free. Just one trip online and you're on your way to lower prices. Trying to determine which company to work with is a little more complicated and can take a bit more time but it is good to start with some cheap prices to get the wheels turning and to get the process underway. The trick to all of it is to locate the cheapest policy that includes the benefits and coverage you need. In other words, it is not good to sacrifice coverage to get a better deal, and it shouldn't be necessary for most motorists to have to do that.

Higher Deductibles and Insurance Rates

Most people are vaguely aware that the deductibles on our auto insurance policies are directly tied in some way to the premiums we pay. After all, less coverage should be less expensive, and the opposite should also hold true. It is logical, then, to operate under the assumption that higher deductibles would bring lower rates. But how many of us have actually investigated that assumption to see how much difference it really makes?

Honestly, most people leave their deductibles wherever their insurance companies set them and never think twice about it. But if you are the type of driver that never makes a claim on small scratch and dent type issues, you should probably think about electing a higher deductible. Save on the coverage you don't use anyway and keep those rates lower. Just remember that we have to come up with the deductible amount in the event of a claim.

Dropping Collision on Older Cars

This one should be an obvious enough source of savings, but far too often drivers hang on to their collision policies long after they should have been dropped. Maybe you're the type of driver who keeps your car up really nice, and you think that means you should always have collision. While the condition of the vehicle may be a factor in the after accident assessment of its value, in the end the insurance company is responsible for determining the market value of the car, which is just the amount they figure you could have gotten selling it on the day of the accident. And this number may not be all that heavily influenced by it being in mint condition even. The age and mileage of vehicles are much more important factors. A ten year old truck in excellent shape is still a ten year old truck. A notable exception to this principle is in classic and antique cars, when coverage levels are often based off of mutually agreed upon values set jointly by the insured and the provider.

Notes on Auto Premiums

There are certainly other available ways to save on auto insurance. For example, drivers often qualify for various discounts that can drive down the price significantly depending on eligibility. And credit score is a hug factor, with credit based insurance scoring the industry standard even as many state courtrooms serve as a battleground over this practice. Save money with easy savings on car insurance.


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