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Effectiveness of Car Insurance Texting Bans

Bans on texting while driving have come into force in one form or another in scores of states around the country, with special rules in some cases for bus drivers, teen motorists, and other special groups.  Texting bans have yet to have an effect on insurance policies such as car insurance for realtors, but it is obvious enough to most of us the danger posed by this driving behavior and most motorists readily acknowledge that it is not a safe practice and agree with laws being implemented at the state level to make it illegal to text while driving. Yet a big majority of drivers also readily reports engaging in sending and receiving text messages while operating an automobile.

As operators, we are always told that we need to keep our eyes on the road and pay close attention whenever we are behind the wheel. And this is also the message we send to teen drivers when they are getting newly licensed. Failing to watch where you are going or getting distracted even just for a single moment can be enough to cause you to lose control of the car or get into an accident for some other reason, which is why we need liability car insurance in the first place. When we have all of the facts about the use of cell phones and other hand held devices by drivers, we begin to see what a serious safety problem this poses for us as motorists.

Hand Held Devices are Everywhere

By all accounts, cell phones and other hand held devices are all over the place these days. They play a very important part in our day to day work and social lives. There is no arguing their importance in modern culture. And they have a lot of great features and benefits for users that cannot be denied. However, hand held devices can also cause a lot of problems for users when they try to operate them while they are driving a car.

Cell phones and other similar devices are one of the biggest causes of driving distraction out on the road today. More drivers get into accidents because they were distracted by these devices all the time. And this is in spite of laws in many areas of the country limiting or banning their use for drivers while they are behind the wheel of their automobiles. It is interesting to consider what makes this activity so distracting for auto operators.

Bans on texting while driving and even some bans on cell phone use of any kind are sweeping the country in many states, and even some municipalities. As far as cell phone and hand held device use is concerned, it appears as though texting is a more prevalent and common source of distraction for drivers than talking on the cell phone. For years we have heard about the dangers of speaking on the phone while driving a car, but the numbers of accidents caused by driver distraction linked to cell phone use through the years pales in comparison to recent statistics on crashes attributed to texting and other hand held device data use.

When you think about it for a moment, it is easy to understand why texting would be more dangerous. Drivers who talk on the phone can still have at least one hand on the steering wheel (two if they have hands free technology), and do not need to look down or away from the road ahead to carry on a conversation. Those who engage in texting while they are driving a car, on the other hand, must look at the screen which is normally placed upon the steering wheel, and enter text into the device. This means their eyes and their hands are tied up in doing something other hand operating the car and avoiding accidents. It is no wonder that this activity causes so much trouble on the roads.

Hand Held Device Bans Questioned

Talking on the phone behind the wheel does take your attention away from operating the automobile. It may not create as many problems as texting, but it is a major issue nonetheless. Either activity can result in focus being taken from the driver and their lack of responsiveness to changing road conditions. As time goes by, more and more drivers are aware of this danger, and public support for bans on texting and hand held use behind the wheel increases.

Yet the effectiveness of car insurance texting bans also gets called into question on a fairly consistent basis. The methods law enforcement officials have to try to catch violators are scarce, and many laws are secondary anyway, meaning drivers can't be cited unless they are pulled over for some other reason. Even so, texting bans are an important step in the battle to keep roads safe for drivers. Texting bans may lower accident rates and help keep car insurance costs down, which is good news for drivers.


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