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Eric Roberts Does Celebrity Rehab

Many people find themselves lamenting the current state of celebrities and missing the ones of old such as George Harrison with news that Eric Roberts, star of the soap opera The Young and the Restless and the brother of actress Julia Roberts, appears in this season's edition of Celebrity Rehab, a show hosted by Dr. Drew Pinsky and airing on VH1. Celebrity Rehab 4 premiered on December 2 on VH1 and features Eric Roberts along with a group of other celebrities dealing with various drug related issues in their lives. Some of the other celebrities featured included party planner and infamous Tiger Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel, rocker Leif Garrett, and model and TV star Janice Dickinson.

TV Star Sober after Rehab Experience

As of the beginning of December 2010, Eric Roberts reports that he has been drug free for about five months, thanks to the show and the efforts of Dr. Drew. The program was filmed in the summer of this year and filming has already wrapped. Different participants might have had different experiences as they stayed and interacted with one another and with Dr. Drew, but for Roberts it was a successful experience. He has widely reported that he has used marijuana heavily throughout his entire adult life, that he went through a phase where he had a real problem with prescription medications, and that he was a cocaine abuser for a long period of time.

There was a time during the 1980s when his celebrity as a movie star was on the rise and he was doing really well in the business, but the effects especially of prescription drugs derailed his career. He used marijuana to cope and to be more pleasant around other people, and became addicted to it to the point where he was using every day. This was the reason why Eric Roberts decided to go ahead and appear on the Celebrity Rehab show, to deal with the marijuana addiction. It is not too common for people famous or otherwise to go to rehab for pot related problems, but there are certainly issues with the drug that cause problems.

Dangers of Marijuana

For example, marijuana users tend to have much slower reaction times, which in itself might not be a huge danger but in certain situations become a real problem. Drivers who have been using are more likely to get into accidents and when a drug related crash like that happens, it is terrible for the rates on your automobile insurance policies. DUI and other such tickets are expensive and the high risk policies we are forced to carry cost us money for years. Eric Roberts had a serious car accident of his own some years back and was badly injured, and went through this and a number of other problems as he just tried to survive from day to day. Eric Roberts has been battling drug issues for many years, and his stint on the TV show proves that he is still fighting.

Eric Roberts is a fine actor and has a lot of talent. Some of the movies Eric Roberts has been in show his ability and his popularity on The Young and the Restless demonstrates that he still has a great fan base as well. It is good when someone like Eric Roberts takes the effort to try to do something about a problem like addiction and clean up, because these things can cause big problems in our careers and with family life as well. Fans of the soap opera love to see Eric Roberts in the role he plays and he will continue to do well on the small screen and hopefully on the big screen as well as the years pass.


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