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Escondido Car Insurance

Escondido car insurance is an important investment into your future. No one plans on being in an accident but if you are and are without adequate Escondido car insurance, then you could be looking at several thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses. With the rising costs of living, the increasing interest rates and the long overdue credit card bill, there is enough on your financial plate as is without the added implications of an accident. With Escondido auto insurance, however, you can avoid the financial stress that comes with an accident and focus on a speedy recovery instead.

Accidents happen all the time. Speeding, fatigue, congested traffic, poor weather and inexperience all play an important role in the amount of accidents that occur across the state of California. Escondido residents are often coming and going, often at peak rush hour traffic. While you may not be able to avoid an accident, you can take the risk out of driving by investing in adequate coverage for your specific needs.

Car Insurance Quotes Escondido

Escondido vehicle insurance can be purchased a number of different ways. There are providers across California that offer vehicle insurance as part of their services. You can choose a basic coverage or a full coverage plan with additional coverage extras on top of the mandatory requirements in Escondido, CA. All Escondido drivers will need to purchase at least $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident of bodily injury liability as well as property damage protection of $5,000. This is required by California law. This basic coverage is known as California liability insurance and will pay for any costs to the other driver if you are at fault for the accident. However, basic coverage will not cover your own expenses such as repair to your vehicle or medical fees. This is why it is so important to consider optional extras and a full coverage Escondido car insurance policy.

Full coverage vehicle insurance includes the mandatory liability coverage as well as collision and comprehensive coverage options which will pay for the repairs to your car if you are at fault for the accident or in the event of an act of God, such as a hurricane, theft or vandalism. You can also look into personal injury protection for medical-related expenses, roadside assistance for towing costs and loss of use coverage for rental car fees if your car is too damaged to drive. Uninsured motorist coverage is another option to consider and will pay for the medical and repair costs if the other driver is at fault but not adequately insured. While it is against the law to drive without coverage, a small percentage of Escondido drivers still do. However, you should not have to pay for their irresponsibility - with uninsured motorist coverage, you won't have to.

Escondido Car Insurance Deals

The amount of Escondido automobile insurance you want depends on a number of things. How much you drive is one thing you should consider. If you are constantly weaving through the Escondido streets, then you have a higher chance of being in an accident than someone who barely drives. If this is the case, then you should consider full coverage as well as optional extras such as loss of use coverage, especially if you rely on your car on a daily basis.

Another thing to consider when choosing your Escondido car insurance is the type of car you drive. Are you looking to insure an old vehicle that is on its last leg or are you looking to insure a new or expensive vehicle? This will make a big difference when it comes to how much coverage you want. Furthermore, consider how safe your car is - will it crumble under pressure if in an accident? Is there a big risk of theft to your car? Is there a chance it could break down in the middle of nowhere?

You also want to consider your financial situation. Do you have a family to support? Do you have a mortgage and bills coming in each month? If so, then you will want some type of protection in the event of a serious accident. Consider personal injury protection which includes loss of income compensation so you can continue to pay the bills and feed your family while you are recovering.

Compare Car Insurance CA

All Escondido car insurance providers are different which is why it is so important to shop around and see what's out there. You could be spending more than you need to on your annual vehicle insurance quotes simply because you have not looked for the discounts. There are discounts available to all types of drivers, including mature aged drivers, student drivers, green drivers, safe drivers and low mileage drivers. Be sure to check through various auto insurance quotes to find the best deals for your needs.


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