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Essex Car Insurance

Essex car insurance is not something you want to be spending a fortune on. And, fortunately for you, you don’t have to. There are a number of ways to get the lowest premium possible when looking for car insurance in Essex, MD. If you are paying more than you think you should for your annual coverage or if you have been reinsuring with the same policy year after year, then now is the time to compare car insurance online and uncover what you have been missing.

Maryland Car Insurance

Many Essex residents assume that the only way to get Maryland discounted car insurance is to opt for the basic coverage only. While you will be able to save on your annual coverage by opting for the bare minimum, this is not the only way to save. Furthermore, by opting for the minimum amounts and limits, you may not be completely covered. After all, $15,000 of property damage protection is not going to cover all your expenses if you are driving a $60,000 SUV.

First of all, what does the basic coverage entail? Drivers across Essex, MD will need to purchase $30,000 per person up to $60,000 per accident of bodily injury liability (to pay for the medical related costs to the other drivers if you are at fault for the accident), $15,000 of property damage liability (to pay for vehicle related damage to the other driver if you are at fault for the accident), $30,000 per person up to $60,000 per accident of underinsured motorist coverage (for pay for any medical related expenses to yourself if the other driver is at fault for the accident but not adequately insured), $15,000 of uninsured motorist property damage (to pay for your repair costs if the other driver is found at fault for the accident but not adequately insured) and $2,500 of personal injury protection (for medical related costs regardless of who is found at fault).

Compared to other states, Maryland offers a fairly comprehensive basic coverage policy. However, you might want to consider higher limits, especially on personal injury protection, as well as additional coverage extras such as collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, roadside assistance and loss of use coverage.

Compare Multiple Car Insurance

One of the best ways to get the cheapest rate on your Essex auto insurance, regardless of how much coverage you want to buy, is to compare the various quotes online. With an online search you will instantly be connected to a number of deals and discounts offered through auto protection providers across Essex, and the United States. You may be eligible for a discount on your Essex car insurance without even realizing it.

Some of the discounts to be on the lookout for include the mature drier discount, for those over the age of 55, the student discount, for students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher and the green discount, for hybrid or fuel efficient car owners. There are also savings available for occasional drivers as well as Essex residents looking to save with a multi policy discount.

In addition to scoping out the Essex vehicle insurance discounts, another way to save on your coverage is to remain as safe as possible on the roads. While you cannot always avoid an accident, you can take the necessary measures to ensure both you and your vehicle are as safe as possible. Driving less is one way to lower your risk on the road as well as your Essex car insurance rate. If you depend on your car on a daily basis, consider joining a carpool to work or look into the Essex public transportation system. Try taking your car off the road for the summer months and biking to work while the weather is warm.

Essex Automobile Insurance Quotes

Another way to save on your Essex car insurance is to invest in the safest vehicle possible. If you are not in the market for a new car, you can install anti theft and security devices, such as an alarm system, to boost the safety rating of your auto and lower your Essex car insurance rate. If you are in the market for a new vehicle, consider how your choice ranks in terms of insurance prices. In general, the safer the vehicle, the better the rate will be. SUV’s, wagons and minivans tend to rank higher in terms of cheap coverage when compared to coupes, sedans and convertibles.

When you are driving, it is important to remain as safe as possible. This means obeying the speed limit and road signs and always keeping both eyes on the road. Never drink and drive, text and drive or do anything else while driving. Furthermore, if you are tired or stressed, stay off the roads. The safer you are, the better your Essex car insurance rates will be.


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