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Everett Car Insurance

Everett car insurance is a necessity for Everett, WA drivers. Besides simply being convenient to have if you are in an accident, it is also required by law. However, just because it is a requirement doesn’t mean that there are not options for consumers. You can shop as often as you would like to, and even when you’ve chosen your Washinton auto protection policy you can always switch providers. There are no limits or restrictions on the amount of money you can save on your Everett car insurance - the only requirement is that you have the minimum coverage outlined by Washington state law.

At first glance, car insurance seems like a very complicated issue. In fact, people are afraid of the complexity of Everett car insurance and this often stops them from shopping carefully. Especially if you’re new to the world of insurance, you may feel a little overwhelmed. Feeling a little bogged down by all of the choices and terminology is natural, so do not become discouraged. Simply take a few minutes to learn about your Everett automobile insurance opportunities, requirements and how to successfully shop and you will be on your way to great coverage at super low rates.

Washington State Requirements

Like most states, WA requires that all drivers car insurance. However, do not assume that because you moved from another state that also requires coverage that the plan you have is sufficient. In WA, every driver must carry both liability and uninsured motorist protection. Liability is the type of Everett auto insurance that covers you if you cause damage to another person’s car or property, or if you injure another driver. Uninsured motorist, however, is there to protect you in case you are involved in an accident with someone without insurance.

If you are stopped by a police officer and you do not have your proof of coverage, then you will be fined $30. If you have lost or stopped your coverage, then you will be fined $150, and then you will be fined another $7 for each day you do not show proof of coverage after a 30 day grace period. [1] These fines, of course, are in addition to the high costs of car repairs and legal fees you will likely have to pay if you are involved in a car accident. In other words, not having the proper coverage required by the state can end up being more expensive than simply obtaining a plan.

Additional Coverage

As long as you have the minimum required Everett insurance, you can drive legally. However, this does not mean you are fully financially protected. Drivers often discover, after being involved in a car accident, that they do not have enough insurance to pay for all of their fees. In some situations or accident types, your plan may not cover you at all. This is why there are additional forms of economical auto coverage available to Everett drivers.

One additional type of Everett car insurance that is quite popular is called comprehensive coverage. This type of plan can be purchased to protect against those “plain bad luck” sorts of accidents that can happen at anytime. For example, if you hit an animal, a tree limb falls during an ice storm, your automobile is pelted with hail, vandals get a hold of your vehicle or a floor occurs and it causes damage to your car, then an Everett comprehensive plan can help to make sure you have financial assistance with repairs or car replacement.

In addition to comprehensive, there is Everett collision coverage, Everett gap coverage to cover damage or destruction for those who are financing, and other options as well. Although adding more coverage increases your premiums, it also lessens the chance of you having to pay anything out of pocket if something happens to your car. However, the value of your vehicle should be considered before adding any additional coverage.

Getting Low Rates

Most people feel they are paying too much for their Everett vehicle insurance, and they are probably right. However, the only way to remedy this situation is to shop carefully. Everett car insurance is a competitive market, meaning that there are several companies all competing for consumers’ business. This is great for consumers for two reasons. Firstly, companies are always adding additional features to gain an edge on competitors and secondly, prices are constantly fluctuating.

By taking the time to carefully compare rates on a regular basis, you will have a better chance of scoring some seriously low premiums. Because you can view multiple quotes online in seconds, shopping has become a piece of cake and, in minutes, you could find a plan that will save you a great deal of money. Take your time and view several Everett car insurance policies to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

[1] (2/21/11)


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