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Examine Auto Insurance Savings Claims

Examine auto insurance savings claims made by different companies and get a better idea of the way their pricing really measures up with the competition. As consumers today, we are faced with increasingly confusing claims from different insurance providers promising big savings if we switch to them as customers. The trouble is that pretty much every company advertising its insurance products and services emphasizes savings in its marketing efforts so it is impossible to know what to believe. But there are ways around the confusion, and a diligent auto owner can get to the bottom of things fairly easily.

Car Insurance Advertising Spending Increases

Many people get the feeling that they're seeing more and more advertising on TV, radio, and online from the various car insurance companies around the country. And the truth is that we are. Marketing efforts are on the increase across the board for all policies from motorcycles to electric car insurance, meaning that as consumers we have become familiar on average with many more companies than we would have in the past. More than a few insurers have become household names thanks to the use of memorable pitchmen (or animals). On the whole it is a positive that most of us are more aware of the possibilities that are out there and more familiar with some of the different choices we have among national carriers. Still, at the opposite end of this situation is the possibility for information overload.

You look at the advertising of one company that promises to save you 20 percent on your premiums followed by another saying they'll save you $400 on average. By the time you get through all of the different choices available in your local market, you'd expect the companies to owe you money to work as your provider based on all of these claims. A real key to understanding the truth about savings on auto insurance is reading the fine print and getting to know what the companies are really saying in their ad campaigns.

Most of the time, it is simple enough to determine what the companies are really communicating with their savings claims. For example, some companies talk about how much they save drivers who switch on average. In these cases the figure is often based on only averaging figures from drivers who actually saved by switching, and not including statistics from drivers who paid more or the same when they switched. Customers who shopped prices with these providers and went elsewhere because the prices were too high are also not included.

Saving Money on Car Insurance

Let's face it: most drivers do not switch auto insurance providers unless they can save money by doing so. We don't volunteer to go through the hassle of having to cancel coverage with our current provider and sign on with a new one unless there is something in it for us like an auto insurance discount. So it follows that all the major insurers will have plenty of statistics to show that new customers signing on for coverage with them save money by switching. Most of the time monetary savings are the primary motivating factor for switching, except for times when we have had a negative customer service experience or other examples like that.

As drivers, we need to understand that there are a great number of factors going into the calculation of rates and eligibility for insurance programs with different providers. And each company applies all of those different factors in slightly different ways, so it is virtually certain that some quotes will come back lower than others. And going right along with this truth is another one that says no one company can be the cheapest for every single driver.

To save money on car insurance, we need to examine auto insurance savings claims by getting to the bottom of things. Get quotes from all of the leading insurance providers in your area and find out for sure. Use the form at the top of this page and get multiple quotes for coverage from locally insured companies. These days, insurance providers are relying less on emotional appeals pointing to service and more on references to cost savings. The market is extremely price competitive, which of course benefits consumers. Still, it is up to each of us as auto owners to investigate any company we consider going with to make sure their customer service standards are up to snuff and that the product we're getting is worth the price.

Examine Insurers and Save Money

Smart consumers will gather at least a handful of quotes from insurance companies selling policies where they live, and find out which providers can get them the best deals. As drivers we need to examine auto insurance savings claims to find out how those claims compare to the way things really stack up.


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