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Filing a Claim for a Stolen Vehicle

If your car gets stolen, then you're going to experience a lot of stress. In dealing with all of this, one of the first things that you are going to need to do is inform the police of the theft so that a report can get filed. You are also going to need to report this to your insurance company, but it's best to first call the police and get them started on the case. After all, you will want to recover your car and the police need to get a head start on doing that.

You might be so stressed out after your car is stolen that you won't know what to do first. However, you need to take some time to breathe and figure out what you want to do. In most cases, you can't even begin to file a claim with your car insurance provider until you have made a report to the police. As such, you need to collect yourself as best as you can after the theft and call the police promptly. Once you have spoken to them, you can then move and talk to your car insurance company.

Making Your Claim

While there are usually multiple ways to make a claim for a stolen vehicle, you'll need to figure out which ones your providers allows and then choose the method that is best for you. All companies are going to have different requirements for filing claims, but you can bet that all of them are going to want you to provide a lot of information about the car and the situation. Usually, you will need to have the title to your vehicle on hand as your provider may ask to see it.

You're also probably going to need to give your provider information about how many keys there are to your vehicle as well as where you store them. You'll need to note where they were before and after the accident, as your provider will want to use this kind of information in an investigation. You may also be required to provide some information about everyone, including adult and teen drivers, who has access to your vehicle now and people who have had access to it in the past. Before you get any benefits, your provider will want to make sure that all avenues are pursued in attempting to find the car.

Another thing that you might need to give your provider is any information that you can provide on what your car looks like. You will, of course, need to describe the make, the model, and the color of the vehicle, but there are other things that can help identify your car if it is found. You could have to note how many miles are on it, when it was last serviced, what kinds of stickers are on the vehicle, and loads of other information. Try to be as exact as you can about the description to help out your provider.

Notify Your Financing Company

If your car is financed, then you will need to notify your lender that it has been stolen. During the claims process, your insurance provider may need to communicate with your lender and this will be much easier if you talk to your lender about things beforehand. This is just one of the things that you can do to make filing a claim for a stolen vehicle a lot easier. If you take all of the proper steps, then you have a better chance of getting a speedy response from your provider.


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