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Finding Affordable Antique Car Insurance

Antique vehicles are a very special, very distinct demographic within the larger population of cars and trucks needing auto insurance coverage. Antique car insurance is a specialized niche of the auto insurance market, catering to the needs and requirements of these classic collector vehicles. If you are searching online with the goal of finding affordable antique car insurance, a few simple pieces of information will greatly aid in your prospects. Knowing what qualifies a vehicle for antique coverage in general terms is very helpful. Getting a feel for common features of antique auto insurance policies and benefits of coverage can help prospective policy holders decide if this type of coverage is right for them. Searching online gives you access to numerous resources dealing with antique car insurance.

What Qualifies for Antique Coverage

To begin with, it is suitable to come up with some guidelines for what constitutes an antique vehicle in the eyes of most specialized insurance providers. There are probably very few hard and fast rules that exist across the full gamut of this portion of the industry, but a few general guidelines can do nothing but help you to ascertain whether your vehicle might qualify for this special type of auto coverage.

True antiques or classics are vehicle which were produced a number of years back. The specific age limitations greatly vary, and fact are generally very flexible. But true antique roadsters produced in the yonder years of the history of the automobile easily qualify for antique coverage. At the same time, the age limitations are not set in stone. In fact, with certain antique insurance providers, limited production or exotic vehicles in production today can qualify for this sort of coverage given the right set of circumstances. The emphasis tends to be more on rarity than age.

Retired commercial vehicles like old police cruisers or fire trucks restored to their original glory often fall into the antique category. Many collectors love to bring these types of vehicles to shows or drive them in summer cruises.

There is another broad category that sometimes merits inclusion, depending on the company. Some antique insurers really only focus on early-model vehicles with very few exceptions. But some have more of a dual emphasis, also embracing rare or one-of-a-kind custom vehicles. Custom street rods and tuners can qualify, as can pro-street race vehicles. Modified cars like low riders and exotic replicas of classic models sometimes can be covered by antique auto insurance protection. Even certain trucks and utility vehicles can come under this classification. Antique car insurance sometimes encompasses areas from classic to modified show cars under one heading. In this way, it all depends on the individual provider, and it pays to check out various companies to find out where your best option might lie.

Often times, there are specific exclusions to coverage as well. Looking into these exclusions with an individual provider can help you not to waste your time if you are unsure whether your car qualifies. Some examples of exclusions might be daily use vehicles, modified cars using nitrous tanks, and dune buggies. Vehicles of these and other questionable sorts might be less expensive to insure through alternative specialized carriers of auto insurance coverage.

Antique Policy Features and Advantages

Many auto owners look into the possibility of getting into an antique vehicle policy because of all the features many of them contain. One of the very best features of many antique policies is the lower prices they can often give you as a policy holder on coverage versus the prices conventional insurance providers would propose to charge you for the same vehicle. As antique specialists, these companies do what they can to keep costs down for their customers. They understand that these vehicles are often show cars driven little if at all. They can give great discounts for limited mileage and show car status. They are essentially providing little or no collision coverage in these instances which helps them keep the cost of a policy down.

Another primary advantage of antique car insurance is that it often based coverage on an agreed-upon value used in determining collision and comprehensive coverage levels. The value used in computing your coverage is one you and the insurer both sign off on before coverage goes into effect. This is nice for classic car owners. These vehicles are not like ordinary cars which depreciate over time. They often gain in value as time goes by, and as the owner, in many cases you are the truest expert in understanding the car's legitimate cash value.

When you choose an antique car insurance company to represent your auto insurance needs, you can often designate a specific authorized repair shop to take care of your claims. In many cases, standard auto policies have their own list of shops to send cars to in the event of an accident. With your antique, you need to know your vehicle is in the hands of an expert adept in dealing with your particular car, ideally someone who has physically worked on your vehicle in the past. This option adds value to your policy and offers peace of mind if you ever have to file a claim.

Antique policies are also great for the simple reason that they come with expert customer service agents, people who are trained to work with these kinds of vehicles and who spend every day dealing with antiques. Imagine a standard policy claims adjuster trying to come up with an estimate of damage for your antique roadster. It would probably not be a pretty sight.

On top of this, may policies come with available restoration coverage, meaning you have an inexpensive way to keep the vehicle insured even as it is being restored. If your car is not even drivable, chances are it is still worth a pretty penny. Insuring yourself against loss while the vehicle is undergoing restoration gives you protection for all the money you are pouring into project, not to mention the cash you laid out to buy the vehicle in the first place.

Although antique policies are generally built on the premise that these cars will be driven little, if at all, they do offer flexible usage provisions. Your car wants to be driven. As an owner and a collector, it is clear you might feel a hankering to take the machine out every once in a while and see what it can do. By adding flexible use coverage, you can take your antique car out on the road without fear of uncompensated damage. After all, what fun is an old classic if it can't be driven?

Search Online for Antique Insurers

Search online for antique insurance providers, and read up on this great auto coverage option. There are numerous well-qualified and dependable auto insurance companies specializing in antiques and classics, so you have quite a selection to leaf through and choose from. You are not required to buy antique coverage; standard insurers can sometimes handle the specific coverage needs of this type of vehicle. But you may very well get your best coverage value by choosing to do business with an antique auto insurance provider.


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