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Find Best Rated Auto Insurance

Find best rated auto insurance and sign on with a company that scores high ratings in the industry and with companies. Most consumers are very interested in saving money on their auto insurance, and deciding how much coverage to carry is a top priority for pretty much everyone. But the company ratings of different insurers might not be something that every company considers. Still, it ought to be. Dealing with a top rated company is really an important thing to target when you're sifting through the providers in your area. If you can get a good deal on a company with high ratings, you've won in two different ways.

Visit State Insurance Department Websites

One of the ways we have as consumers to find out about insurance providers when choosing car insurance deductibles and all the other facets of a policy is to check out the websites of the department of insurance in our home states. These web pages are probably not familiar to most people, but a little keyword searching can easily get you where you want to go. Most of the departments across the country either have their own site or some portal on a larger government site.

One of the most important pieces of information motorists can extract from these sites is data on complaint ratios. Insurance departments typically track complaint ratios for different insurers in the state. Complaint ratios are simply an expression of the number of complaints filed with the department against a company per 1,000 claims filed. This ratio gives a pretty good indication of the way companies handle claims and how well they work with their clients in the wake of accidents and other claims.

Prior to getting too deep into this list, it is advisable to already have a listing of some of the companies in your home state offering the lowest prices on auto insurance. Taking that list and cross referencing it against the complaint ratio figures should give you a few strong candidates for insurers that might be great to work with as a customer.

Sometimes complaint ratios are not published in every state. Here's a tip to deal with that situation: take a look at figures from other states where companies sell policies. Many times these figures are pretty consistent across the board, so strong ratios in other states may be a good indicator of good customer service and strong claims response.

One other thing to remember is that many insurance department websites actually have some form of vehicle insurance rates comparison information for the different companies selling policies in their state.

Consumer Ratings Statistics for Insurers

Aside from rating information like complaint ratios from state insurance departments, there are consumer agencies that provide ratings for different major insurers based on the experiences of actual consumers. These ratings are taken from data collected in surveys given out to policy holders across the country, covering many different areas such as pricing, claims response, and overall satisfaction. Checking out the websites for consumer agencies doing this sort of market research gives you access to the published findings from these reports, which usually come out once a year.

Consumer ratings are important for very obvious reasons. They provide a snapshot of the average customer experience in dealing with some of the very companies you might be thinking of choosing as a consumer. And since they are assembled using large batches of data, these survey results can be regarded as very accurate and pertinent. They clearly will not reflect the experiences of any one driver as much as they will present an aggregate of all participating survey respondents' feelings on the matter.

Financial Ratings of Insurance Companies

And along with all of these other ways of benchmarking, there is also another very significant method consumers have of easily finding out important and potentially telling information on a company. Financial data on insurance providers is important and sometimes critical for potential customers to know about. The financial strength (or weakness) of a company is something to bear in mind as a potential customer. Entering into an insurance contract with a provider is basically jumping into a reasonably long term relationship. It's good to know what you're getting into as a consumer.

There are multiple financial strength ratings indexes folks can access on companies. What we need to think of these ratings as potential customers is a measure of a company's ability to pay out on claims. They are not related in any way to customer ratings mentioned earlier, but rather an indication of the financial solvency of a company and its capability to meet its obligations as an insurer.

Find the best rated auto insurance company by checking out different ratings methods and comparing different insurers based on multiple sets of parameters. Make a wise investment in auto coverage by locating the best carrier.


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