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Finding Auto Insurance in Mississippi

Finding auto insurance in Mississippi is something that every MS driver has to deal with owing to state auto insurance law. Liability insurance is required of all drivers in the state, and in 2006, the requirements governing liability insurance increased. Drivers in the state have to deal with these laws and make sure they remain in compliance in order to register cars and to renew registration, and they have to be prepared to show proof of insurance just like drivers in other states do when they get pulled over or are involved in auto accidents. It is important for drivers and auto owners with vehicles registered in the state of Mississippi to know and understand the rules for auto insurance set forth by state lawmakers so that they do not run afoul of these requirements. Learn more about finding insurance in Mississippi.

Mississippi Auto Insurance Legal Requirements

Like the regulations surrounding California low cost insurance, auto insurance law in the state of Mississippi requires every driver to carry proof of insurance with them in the vehicle at all times. This proof of insurance must be made available to any law enforcement officer who asks for it at a traffic stop of any kind or at the scene of a car accident. Mississippi drivers are obligated under the state law to carry liability insurance protecting themselves from the financial costs of dealing with auto insurance accidents for which they are to blame. These accidents could produce property losses, medical expenses, or both. Liable drivers are responsible for the cost of the other driver's bills, so it is important to be insured even outside of legal requirements simply for the purpose of preventing a huge expenditure of money out of pocket if you ever get into an at fault accident.

On January 1, 2006, the Mississippi state auto insurance liability coverage minimums increased following action by the state legislature the previous year to pass these amendments to the state law. The new requirements mandate at least a 25/50/25 liability insurance policy for all drivers. This means that every driver needs at least $25,000 in per person bodily injury, $50,000 per accident bodily injury, and $25,000 property damage insurance on their auto liability policies [1]. These are, of course, only minimums and drivers are free to carry more than just these threshold amounts. Many drivers do just that, in keeping with recommendations from most insurance industry professionals who recommend higher limits as protection against out of pocket costs in major injury and property damage accidents.

Satisfying MS Liability Insurance Requirements

Mississippi drivers have three ways they can go about satisfying the state's liability auto insurance requirements. Posting a bond in the amount of the state's minimum liability policy requirements, or making a security deposit equal to those requirements are both acceptable ways to demonstrate financial responsibility and a willingness (and ability) to self insure [1]. But for most drivers, the third option is the only realistic one.

Carrying an auto insurance liability policy such as adult or teen car insurance sold and administered by an insurance company licensed to sell car insurance in the state of Mississippi is the best way to get into compliance with state law for those of us who do not have thousands of dollars of cash on hand to buy bonds or to place on deposit. Thus for the vast majority of people, self insurance is not an option and our best bet is to spend time trying to determine the best course of action to help us save as much money as possible off the rates we pay for Mississippi auto insurance so we can afford to buy a solid policy with great coverage we can count on.

Optional Mississippi Auto Insurance Coverage

Unlike some states, MS does not require its motorists to carry uninsured motorist protection. Yet this form of coverage is available to state drivers for those of us who are interested. Uninsured motorist coverage is important protection that safeguards covered policy holders from having to directly pay the costs of accidents in which the other driver is at fault but has no liability insurance in spite of state law mandating it. Ordinarily, the way these policies work is as follows: the covered driver gets reimbursed for expenses by his own insurance company, less deductible. The insurance company goes after the negligent driver for the accident expenses. And if and when they collect, they return the deductible to their own covered driver.

There are also other areas of coverage available to state drivers that are well worth investigating. Many drivers include comprehensive and collision insurance on their policies, for example. And towing coverage and other endorsements are also popular with some state drivers. Find affordable MS insurance by getting free quotes. Fill out the form at the top of the page.

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