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Fitting Three Car Seats Into One Car

If you have a large family with lots of young children, then you've probably come across the issue of having too many car seats in your car at once. This can be a really difficult process, especially if you have more than two children. Fitting three car seats into a car can seem impossible, but there are ways to do it and to do it safely. If you want to make sure that you know how to do this properly, then there are few tips that you should follow to ensure the safety of your small children.

Car Seat Tips

When you need to get three car seats into a vehicle, the most important thing you need to think about it space. You absolutely have to have enough space to do this in a safe and effective way. For starters, you need to remind yourself that you should never put a car seat in the front seat when you or friends drive your vehicle. This is the most unsafe space in the vehicle, and a young child could be seriously injured or even killed by the impact of the driver's side airbag. Always keep in mind that you must not resort to this, even if you seem to be in a transportation jam.

If the front seat is off limits that means that you can only use the back seat or back seats for car seats. If you have a sedan with just one row behind the driver, then you are really going to have to weigh the options of putting three car seats in your one back seat. It can be done, but it is often very difficult because car seats are usually clunky and it's hard to sit them side by side.

The other issue that arises when you are putting three car seats in one back seat is that the seat in the middle will have a different sort of safety belt. This can often be a bad idea for a car seat, and the seat you own may not even work with a safety belt like the one in the middle. You can use this kind of safety belt to buckle in some car seats, but you need to make sure that doing so is completely safe before you attempt to drive with your child in this position.

Driving Larger Vehicles

If you have a vehicle that has more than two rows of seats in it, then you are going to have a much easier time fitting three car seats into it. If you have a third row, you can put two car seats in the second row and one in the third, or the other way around. Just think about what your personal circumstances are before you decide. You may decide that you want two of your children closer to you, so you will put their car seats in the second row and then leave only one to the third row.

If you are experiencing difficulties getting your three car seats into your small car, then you should consider purchasing a larger vehicle. Not only will it make it easier to store three car seats, it will also make it easier on you when the children get older. You will have a great deal of space to transport their play things and their sport equipment, and you can even give more of their friends rides home when the start attending school. Overall, a car with more space that allows you to fit three car seats into one car is going to work out now and in the future.


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