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Florence Car Insurance

Florence car insurance is beneficial for all motorists whether they use their vehicles for personal or commercial use. One-third of Florence industry is construction, and many contractors use their personal vehicles for work. Though they may have small business insurance to cover their work-related driving, most independent contractors rely on their personal Florence car insurance policies for liability coverage and other protection.

Florence is a city 40 miles north of Austin in central Texas. The city has a low crime rate and a slightly lower unemployment rate than the rest of the state. Florence is conveniently close to the capital city but retains its small town feel. In addition to people who drive for work, some residents commute to Austin while others use their family cars for in-town driving. No matter how often or how far they drive, all residents should purchase Florence car insurance.

All Florence drivers are required by TX state law to carry liability coverage of at least 30/60/25. The state minimum includes $30,000 of bodily injury liability per person and up to $60,000 per accident, as well as $25,000 of property damage liability. Austin liability Austin auto protection covers the other driver's expenses when you are at fault for an accident. It is a necessity to avoid a costly lawsuit, but there are other forms of coverage that drivers should consider to defray their own costs after a car accident.

Uninsured Motorist Protection

One of the most important Florence automobile insurance protections to have is uninsured/under-insured motorist protection. Liability coverage is required of all drivers, but as many as 21 percent of Texas drivers are uninsured. If you are hit by someone who does not have car insurance, those bills could fall on your shoulders. You have the option to sue the other driver, but if it is a hit-and-run or that driver has no assets for you to collect, a lawsuit could be a waste of your time and money.

Being proactive instead of reactive by buying uninsured motorist coverage will give you the assurance that an uninsured driver will not destroy your savings and credit. Your UM protection will cover your car repair bills up to your coverage limits. This form of protection does not have a medical expenses component, so your existing health insurance or medical payments coverage with your Florence auto insurance policy is necessary in case you are injured. The coverage limit should generally match your property damage liability limit.

UM protection also encompasses under-insured motorist protection. In a serious car accident, the TX state-mandated minimum liability limits may not be sufficient to pay your expenses. If the at-fault driver has insufficient coverage to take care of your expenses, you can call upon UM to make up the difference up to your Texas auto coverage limit. Though it may feel like paying for the mistakes of someone else, having uninsured motorist protection can save you money and hassle if you are hit by an uninsured driver.

Saving Money on Car Insurance

When you start adding coverage and raising your limits to fully protect yourself, Florence car insurance can become quite expensive. You never want to be under-insured, since having insufficient coverage can land you with a lawsuit, but you must make car coverage work for your budget. Florence insurance companies offer a wide variety of discounts, and there are ways to build your policy that can lower your rates. Talk to your Florence agent about keeping costs down while being fully protected.

Having multiple policies with the same company can earn you a discount, so buy your homeowners or renters insurance policies with your Florence vehicle insurance provider to keep all of your costs down. Students who make good grades and those who pass a driver's education course also receive discounts, helping defray the high cost of insuring a teenager. Seniors, military and members of certain professional or civic organizations may also be eligible for rate reductions, so ask your agent about the discounts for which you qualify.

Another way to earn a discount is by raising your deductible. The deductible is the amount you pay out-of-pocket before Florence car insurance kicks in for repairs after a car accident. Standard deductibles are usually $250 or $500, but raising it to $1,000 can help you save significantly. The provider rewards customers who take on more financial responsibility, thus making them less expensive to insure. Just be sure you have the cash on hand to meet the deductible in the event of a car accident.

The cardinal rules for keeping Florence car insurance costs low are avoiding speeding tickets and making as few claims as possible. Tickets make you appear to be higher risk, and each claim you make raises your rates substantially. You can also buy a sensible car with safety features to lower your risk.


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