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Florida Car Insurance Discounts

A motorist in Florida might think that they are aware of all the possible discounts that he or she could qualify for from his or her insurance provider. However, with the plethora of discounts available to the residents of Florida, it is possible that some might exist of which you were not aware. As is commonly known, research and self education are going to be your most valuable aids when it comes to searching for lower prices on your vehicle insurance rates. By engaging in price comparison techniques, you can view the prices of different car insurance providers on policies that are of interest to you. If a particular company catches your eye, you can call a customer service representative from the company to inquire in further detail about how the discounts they offer will apply to you personally.

One of the most persecuted segments of motorists when it comes to being charged high premiums are senior citizens. Most automobile insurance companies automatically assume that after the age fifty five, motorists will begin to suffer from diminished physical and mental capacities. In the insurance provider's estimation, the senior citizen then becomes a high risk driver. Therefore, their car insurance premiums sharply increase. Retired senior citizens comprise a large portion of the population in Florida. Florida, much to the relief of its elderly population, is taking steps to combat the unnecessarily high premiums these citizens pay. According to statute 627.0652 of Florida law: (1) Any motorist over the age of 65 who has completed a motor vehicle accident prevention course shall receive a deduction on either their liability insurance or personal injury protection insurance. (2) This discount shall remain in effect for a three year period from the date of successful completion. (3) The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles shall set forth the requirements for such a course.

Essentially what this means is that Florida motorists who are over the age of fifty five are now qualified for a mandatory reduction in their vehicle insurance premiums for the next three years. This statute requires insurance providers in Florida to extend this discount to age appropriate drivers who have completed a driver's education course or an accident prevention course. This discount applies specifically to liability insurance, personal injury protection insurance, and collision insurance. It is expected to reduce rates by seventy to ninety percent of the current premium average for this age segment. This discount is required to be in effect for three years from the date of completion of the course. It is contingent upon a couple of facts. The first one is that the senior is not involved in an accident for which he or she is at fault. The second requirement is that the senior is not convicted of a moving violation.

One of the highlights of the course that is being marketed towards senior citizens is the matter of convenience in which one can take the course. While it is available through the traditional method of classroom teaching at an approved center, a senior citizen can also take the course on the Internet. There are several websites that offer you the advantage of doing this. It can be done from your own home or anywhere you can access an Internet connection. The average time of the course is roughly six hours, and upon completion of it, you are issued a state certified certificate which you can then submit to your insurance company.

While this law is mostly targeted towards senior citizens, there are defensive driving courses and driver's education courses that are available to adolescents and adults which can prove beneficial in lowering car insurance premiums. In some states, including Florida, a young adult motorist is required to successfully finish an approved driver's education program in order to obtain their driver's license. In this state, residents under the age of eighteen must complete the driver's educational course before applying for their learner's permit. The content of such a course focuses on alcohol and drug abuse awareness, defensive driving, organ donation, and vehicle awareness. The course divvies its time between classroom instructions and actual in car sessions. After an adolescent has completed the course, the facility at which the course was conducted will issue a certificate approved by the Florida Department of Transportation. Those who have not yet reached their majority must have the certificate signed by a parent before being issued a driver's license. After he or she has obtained the license, the certificate can then be submitted to the insurance company for a discount. In addition to the driver's education course discount, many insurance companies in Florida will offer a good student discount to a young adult that has maintained exemplary grades while in school.

A defensive driving course for adults contains much of the same content as a driver's education course. There is a special emphasis placed upon defensive driving techniques, including the teaching of how to be aware of arising situations in which an accident is likely to occur. For adults, there is an added benefit to taking this course. In most cases, the court system will allow a ticket to be dismissed in exchange for the driver undertaking this course. Florida state law also provides for the reduction of up to two points on your driver's license record every twenty-four months upon completion of this course. This can potentially save you a considerable sum of money over several years by reducing your car insurance premiums.

While senior citizens are charged high premiums, so are young adult motorists. Due to a lack of experience and young age, young drivers are charged increased amounts in premiums as well. Unfortunately, age is one influential factor on your car insurance rates that you cannot change. However, there are a few discounts that are targeted towards young adults that can offer a reduction in their rates. If you are under the age of twenty four and are enrolled in school, you can qualify for a good driver's discount. It does not matter whether you are in high school or college. While the specifics that allow you to qualify for this discount vary among insurance providers, generally a "B" average will suffice. You can also receive a discount on your premiums for successfully completing a driver's education course. Either one of these options can afford you up to a fifteen percent discount on a young adult's insurance premiums.

There are many discounts available to the motorists and residents in Florida. These two are just examples of two of the most common discounts drivers utilize. If you have any questions, you should contact an insurance agent to inquire further about other discounts that may be available to you. If you are unhappy with the offerings of your insurance provider, you may want to receive a quote on your car insurance in order to ascertain what else may be available to you. There is no need for you to pay higher premiums than necessary. In today's competitive automobile insurance market, insurance companies are striving to maintain their established clientele and build a new customer base. You can use this fact, as well as potential discounts, to secure a policy with adequate coverage at an affordable rate.



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