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Florida Tips for Saving On Car Insurance

Are you aware of the options you have when it comes to saving money on your car insurance premiums? As a motorist, you have a variety of these options available to you. They just may not have been presented to you in the right light. Here are a few tips to guide your way to affordable insurance.

The cost of car insurance in Florida in 2009 has fluctuated unstably throughout the year. For the year, car insurance premiums are hovering around $1,700 for a policyholder. The national average has currently fallen to $1,794, coming down from a high of $1,807. The month of August in 2009 saw the highest spike in premiums, with the cost of insurance averaging $1,789 for a policy. Despite the slightly decrease in prices for September, it is quite noticeable that the price market for insurance is unstable at best. Therefore, it is in your best interest to research which companies offer the most affordable rates on policies you are interested in.

Your first step for saving money on your car insurance premiums is to shop around for car insurance by using price comparison techniques. The insurance company you have been conducting business with for years may not be offering you the lowest price available on your policy. Many insurance companies are willing to match the price of a competitor on your policy to ensure your business. Most motorists and consumers like to obtain a quote on their car insurance. There are a number of websites on the Internet that allow you to do this. You will be asked to provide your zip code and to answer a few brief questions about your personal statistics and coverage needs. Within moments, you will able to view the rates of different competitors on the policy you wish to purchase. This will allow you to select an insurance company that offers your desired coverage at an affordable rate.

The next step you can take towards saving money is to consider increasing your deductible. Your deductible is defined as the portion of your repair expenses that you will pay out of pocket. This amount is dependent on the option you choose when you purchase a policy. The most common deductible amount is $1,000. Generally, the higher your deductible is, the lower your rates will be. You should be cautious about increasing your deductible. Make certain that it is an amount you will have readily available to you in the event that you have an accident for which you are considered at fault. If you do not pay your deductible, your car insurance company will not pay for any repairs to your vehicle. Should you be involved in an accident for which you are not at fault, the other motorist's insurance company will pay your deductible.

There are many other forms of insurance discounts available to you in Florida:

Policy bundling discount - If you should choose to combine all of your insurance needs with one insurance company, you will often receive a discount on all three premiums. This can include combining your homeowner's insurance, car insurance, and possibly your life insurance together.

Multi Car Insurance Discount - Many automobile insurance companies will offer a discounted rate of up to twenty percent for motorists who insure multiple vehicles on one policy.

Accident Free Insurance Discount - You can receive a discount if you have remained accident free for an extended period of time. While the particulars vary among insurance companies, this period of time is usually three to five years.

Good Student Discount - This is a discount that is targeted primarily towards adolescent drivers. If you child maintains exemplary grades in school, you can receive a discount on insurance premiums.

Customer Loyalty Discount - A discount of up to fifteen percent may be extended to customers whohave remained with an insurance company for a considerable period of time. You should inquire with your insurance agent as to what your insurance provider's requirements are.

Affiliation Discount - If you belong to a motor club, including the AARP or AAA, you can qualify for a discount. An affiliation discount may also be provided for you if you are a member of a certain profession, like if you are a teacher or an emergency medical technician. You should inquire of your company's human resources department as to whether or not your company is affiliated with any particular car insurance company. You can often achieve discounted group rates through your employer.

Safety Discount - Insurance companies like cars that have multiple safety features. If your car has air bags, anti lock brakes, or a number of other safety features, you can receive this discount. This discount will also extend to motorists who have anti theft devices in their vehicle, such as a car alarm. This can be instrumental in lowering your rates if you live in a community with a high crime rate.

Defensive Driving Discount - This discount works in a manner similar to that of the good student discount with the exception that it is targeted towards adults. The completion of a defensive driving course or driver's education class that is approved by your state's Department of Motor Vehicles can reduce the premiums you pay.

Military Discount - While this discount may not apply to all motorists, you can qualify for it if you are an active duty armed forces member, a veteran, or the son or daughter of a deployed solider.

Low Mileage Discount - In an insurance company's eyes, the less you are on a road, the less likely you are to be involved in or be the cause of an accident. Bu utilizing public transportation or participating in a car pool, you can maintain a lower annual mileage car on your vehicle.

An insurance company determines what your premiums will be based upon complex numerical equations. Insurance actuaries harvest data about the types of motorists who are repeatedly involved in vehicle accidents. From this information, an actuary can formulate the facts to produce information about emerging trends. For example, male motorists, who are under the age of twenty five, are frequently shown statistically to be involved in more accidents than their female counterparts. It is generally thought that younger males tend to engage in more risky behaviors when driving. Therefore, this increases the likelihood that they will be involved in an accident. Young males tend to be among the most expensive motorists groups to insure. However, in the opposite vein, married, middle aged females tend to be among the low risk groups of motorists. Therefore, their rates are substantially lower.

It is important to each motorist and consumer to save money. The state of today's economy has highlighted this importance. This includes the citizens of Florida. Research about discounts will be essential in allowing you to find an insurance company with affordable rates. You can begin your research online by obtaining a quote on your car insurance. After you have selected several companies to investigate further, make certain that your call an insurance agent to investigate their specifics concerning the discussed discounts. A professional insurance agent will be able to provide thorough answers to your questions and suggest ways in which their company's product will assist you in meeting your needs.


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