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Fog Driving Safety Tips

Fog driving safety tips give us insight as drivers into the things that we can do to stay safe on the road even in these inclement conditions. Fog is something that can severely hamper visibility and safety, and drivers must proceed with a whole lot of extra caution if they wish to stay safe when they are driving in foggy weather.

Fog can be looked upon as basically a cloud hanging out at ground level. Fog forms when the air temperature drops down to the dew point, which is the temperature at which air hits 100 percent humidity, and water vapor in the air condenses, creating suspended water droplets. Fog can be visually stunning at times but it is no condition for driving in. The best solution in these conditions if at all possible is to simply not drive. But if this is not possible, if the trip in the car cannot wait until the fog rolls out or is burned off by the sun, there are some things you can do to deal with it safely as a driver and to avoid a vehicle collision insurance scenario.

Preparations for Driving in Fog

First of all, take note of your headlights and only use the low beams. The high beams in this condition will only hamper visibility because all they will do is bounce back off the fog and will never cut through it or help you see past it. Getting ready to go in this weather involves a different mindset, almost like driving in a blizzard. Get ready to be a little stressed out, but use caution to stay safe.

Drive slowly because you will not be able to see very far in front of you. You might also need to check your speedometer because in these conditions the visual atmosphere can make drivers think that they are driving a lot slower than they really are. Be sure to open the window at least a crack to hear better outside. This can help you hear cars that you can’t see coming. The cracked window will also help reduce windshield fogging up. Use the wipers and defrost as needed to keep things clear.

Patience in Foggy Conditions

Drivers should not think that they are going to get anywhere very quickly in the fog. Be patient and give yourself plenty of time to get where you are going. Leave early if possible and call ahead to let people know you are probably going to be late due to the inclement weather. Use this same patience on the road, driving slowly and cautiously and looking for the lines on the outside or the yellow line to guide you. Definitely do not pass anyone that is in motion, because you never know what might be coming the other way.

Do not stop on a road or highway if at all possible. Keep moving and stay as safe as possible. If by some chance you have the great luck of breaking down in the fog, turn the car’s lights off and get it out of the way if possible. You want to turn lights off because people tend to follow taillights in this weather, and you don’t want your problem to also turn into someone else’s by causing an accident. Move away from the vehicle to avoid getting hit by a car and call someone as soon as you can.

Staying safe while they are driving in the fog is something that takes people more than the usual amount of skill and concentration. If you must drive in foggy weather, do so with your mind fully in focus and use foggy driving safety precautions to keep you and others safe while on the road..


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