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Following Roadway Markings

When you're driving, there are lots of reminders on the road that will tell you what you need to do at any given point. These roadway marking are designed to ensure that we obey the laws and stay safe when we're in our vehicles. If you want to be certain that you don't get into an accident or emergency roadside breakdown and you keep you and your passengers safe, then it will be in your best interest to learn about common roadway markings. In doing so, you can be sure that you limit your risks on the road.

Many drivers don't realize how important it is to pay attention to markings on and around the roads, but it's something that you should really focus on. In some cases, these markings are the only things that will be able to help tell you what to do. If you ignore, then you could also end up getting into some trouble. Drivers who don't obey roadway markings generally end up breaking the law in some way or another, and this can cause a permanent mark on your record, or it could end up causing your insurance rates to go up.

Common Roadway Markings

One of the most common roadway markings that you should pay attention to is white lines. White lines will be painted on the pavement in order to indicate certain things to cars which are traveling in your direction. If there is a broken white line, then this means that you may change lanes if there is no traffic to prohibit this. If there is a solid white line, then this means you need to stay in your lane for the time being.

You should also learn to pay attention to yellow lines, as they are going to mark the center of two-way roads. Passing is something that you are allowed to do one a two-way road if you see that the yellow line in the center of the road is broken. If, however, there is one solid line and one broken yellow line, then you will not be able to pass if you are next to the solid line. If, however, you are next to the broken yellow line, you can pass. When you see two solid yellow lines together, that means no passing at all.

You also need to learn about edge lines, as these can really help you when it comes to knowing what the boundaries are for driving your vehicle on a road. Edge lines are used as a means of outlining and separating the outer edge of the pavement from the shoulder. The edge lines to your right are going to be marked with a solid white line, while the edge lines to the best will be marked with a solid yellow line. You need to always be aware of these so that you don't cross over them when you are driving, as this could endanger you or others.

Do Some Studying

Before you get out on the road, you should get some practice following roadway markings. You don't need to be behind the wheel to do this. You can get practice with following roadway markings by doing some studying online. You can even taking driving classes that are going to go over what the common roadway markings are and what you should do when you encounter them. If you want to be sure that you are safe and secure in a car, then you need to devote as much time to learning these markings as you can.


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