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Fuel Efficient New Cars

Fuel efficient new cars are more common these days due to the increased demand for vehicles like these and also thanks to improved technology making it easier for automakers to deliver a car or truck that can give you the performance you want and still save you money at the pump. There are different categories of vehicles that can attain this type of efficiency, and these categories each appeal to different groups of drivers. If you are in the market for a car that won’t guzzle gas either for you or as a gift for your graduated teen driver, then you have some abundant selection these days.

Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Electric vehicles or EVs are the newest wave of automobiles to enter into the periphery of the mainstream market. They have been around in some form for many years, but performance and pricing limitations prevented them from ever being competitive with gas powered cars. But that is not the case any longer, and as time goes by the gap in performance and affordability will continue to diminish.

EVs that some of the major domestic automakers are producing today actually come with small gas motors as well, giving them tremendous range. Most of them can go anywhere from 60 to 120 miles on all electric power; and once the battery is fully exhausted the driver can switch to gas power and go another couple hundred miles. EVs are becoming more of an area of focus as a few major efforts are being unveiled and hit the market, but their overall impact remains largely tied to the ability of manufacturers to create batteries that last longer and charge faster, and to produce these cars cheaper.


Hybrids are vehicles that can run on multiple sources of power. Most EVs are technically hybrids. So are cars and trucks that can run on either gasoline or clean burning ethanol. The latter design is intended to accomplish at least three things in the domestic market: support local farmers who grow corn for fuel, reduce the U.S. dependence on foreign oil, and help reduce carbon emissions across the country created by our fleets of vehicles.

Hybrids are intriguing in their potential. But they are to this point unable to match gasoline motors for fuel efficiency; and with prices for both sources of fuel nearly identical, it is actually more expensive per mile to burn ethanol.

Gas Powered Vehicles

Fuel efficiency is not something that is just reserved for new sources of technology. There are many vehicles being produced today that are much more efficient than ever. Rides such as full sized SUVs sport giant differentials in efficiency versus their early incarnations. It is possible to choose a new vehicle that is more powerful and responsive than your old one, and yet more efficient at the same time.

A great example is found in many full sized trucks. You could order the next generation of the truck you have been driving with the same size motor, and you could get a vehicle that delivers more horsepower and more torque, and still gets several miles to the gallon more. The difference in trucks is particularly impressive on the freeway.

Fuel efficiency in new vehicles is something that automakers have spent a lot of time and money researching. It is not just the motors that have helped improve numbers in this category. Innovations in transmission design such as CVTs (continuously variable transmissions) which deliver the efficiency of a manual with the ease of use of an automatic, give buyers even more options on ways to save on gas. Fuel efficient new cars, trucks, and SUVs are quite plentiful.


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