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Gender and Car Insurance Rates

A lot of drivers often wonder what their gender has to do with their car insurance rates. Oftentimes, drivers believe that the only thing that matters when it comes to insurance rates is one's driving record. While this might be nice, it is not the truth. In truth, there are a lot of different factors that go into making up one's premium price and gender is one of those things that insurance companies consider.

When an insurance company looks at your application, they're going to evaluate you based on your risk. This risk is determined by looking at a number of things including your driving record, age, marital status, vehicle type and gender. Companies will look at all of these things in conjunction with accident statistics and will use these results to make an assessment of how much of a risk your currently are to them. This information will then lead them to assign a premium price to the policy that they are going to offer you.

Female Drivers

Statistically, female drivers are required to pay less for their insurance premiums than male drivers are required to pay. This is not true in all age groups, as in some young and senior drivers women pay just as much as men do for their coverage. The statistics that insurance companies rely on, though, tend to suggest that women are more responsible drivers than men are. As such, they sometimes receive a discount on their car insurance but it may not aid with any discount repair services.

While some female drivers get better rates than male drivers, there are things a female driver can do that will cause increased rates. Any female driver that has a bad record can expect to have her rates increased by her insurance company. That includes being involved in traffic incidents or car accidents. Female drivers, as such, cannot count on their gender alone to get them out of increased insurance premiums.

Male Drivers

Male drivers, on the whole, often pay more for insurance coverage than female drivers do. This is obviously because of the accident statistics that suggest male drivers are more prone to accidents than female drivers. One of the reasons behind this is believe to be the choice of car that many male drivers tend to go with. From new drivers to very experienced ones, male drivers tend to gravitate towards faster and sportier cars. These cars are expensive enough on their own to insure, without a male getting behind the wheel.

Accident statistics suggest that males who drive fast, sporty cars get into more accidents than other kinds of drivers. As such, insurance companies are trying to make up for this by charging more for premiums. If an insurance company is going to take on the increased risk of a male driver with a sports car, then the company is going to do everything in its power to make sure that it loses as little money as possible. This means charging a lot more for insurance premiums every month.

Getting Coverage Discounts

While rates for male and female drivers tend to differ, there are ways that all drivers can help themselves out and get a good deal on car insurance. Above all, it is important for drivers to have good, clean driving records. Gender and car insurance rates won't differ as much if all drivers, no matter what their sex is, make an effort to be safer and more responsible out on the road. Good driving has lots of great benefits, and getting a discount on coverage is just one of them.


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