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Georgia Car Insurance Discounts

When you're searching for auto insurance in Georgia, it's important that you educate yourself about the car insurance discounts available in your state. Once you learn about what is possible, you can pursue these discounts with your own insurance company, whether you are purchasing new insurance or working within your existing policy. Since you can add a discount at anytime, it's always worth finding out what is available and whether or not you qualify.

Major Car Insurance Discounts

Most adult drivers can find themselves eligible for substantial automobile insurance discounts based on their driving record. If you keep your record free from accidents and tickets for a certain period of time, most car insurance companies will give you a break on your premium rate. You will need to check with your individual company as to exactly how long your record needs to be clean before you are eligible for these discounts. In addition, some insurance companies offer this discount at a tiered rate, so you can become eligible for more savings the longer your record stays clean. Remember that Georgia does not report speeding violations of 14 miles per hour or less to auto insurance companies, so these will not be on your insurance record.

The safety features installed on your vehicle can also add up to some significant discounts in your auto insurance. Most companies will give you a discount for having features like dual airbags, anti-lock brakes, and automatic seat belts, though you'll need to check with your individual company for more details on the specific features they discount. It may be worth your while in the long run to pay to have some of these safety features added to your vehicle if it does not already have them.

If you purchase a new car with a high safety rating, ask about getting a discount for that, too. Though the rating may not be based on one or more specific features, the fact that you are driving a safer vehicle is likely to earn you a discount.

Many automobile insurance companies in GA will also give you a discount for any anti-theft features your car has. This can include a car alarm, regular use of the Club or a similar device, or the installation of a LoJack device. Before you go out and get one of these installed, though, check with your insurance company. Some companies will only give the discount for devices that come installed on your car, and not on ones that are installed later.

Buying more than one policy with the same insurance company is also a good way to earn a substantial discount on your auto insurance premiums. Depending on the company, you can combine homeowner's insurance, renter's insurance, and/or life insurance with your auto insurance policy for this discount. Often, you will then save a certain percentage on both your auto insurance and the other policies.

Also, insuring more than one driver or vehicle on the same policy can also save you money overall. Depending on the drivers you're adding to your policy, their driving records, ages, and vehicles, you can save up to 10% on your overall premium just by putting everyone on the same policy.

Discounts for Student Drivers

Drivers under the age of 25 often find themselves in a difficult position when it comes to car insurance, because the insurance rates for less experienced drivers tend to be higher than those for everyone else. However, there are some major discounts they can qualify for in order to lower these costs.

Auto insurance companies usually offer up to a 25% discount for a student who keeps his or her grades above a certain level. Though the exact Grade Point Average necessary to qualify for this discount can vary between insurance companies, most good students will qualify easily for this. A good student discount can be particularly valuable for male high school students, as they have some of the highest insurance rates of anyone. However, any student who qualifies will see a substantial insurance rate reduction.

In addition, most car insurance companies in Georgia will offer a discount to any student driver who takes a qualifying Driver's Education course before getting their driver's license. Check with your company to see which courses qualify for their particular rate reduction.

Vehicle insurance companies also usually offer discounted auto insurance rates to college students who live more than 100 miles from home. Provided that the student meets the company's particular requirements, they can save up to 40% on their automobile insurance while attending school.

Other Car Insurance Discounts

There are still more ways to earn auto insurance discounts in Georgia. Drivers over the age of 50 are often eligible for a discount based on their age and years of experience behind the wheel, provided that they have kept their driving record clean and are in good health. Insurance companies offer this discount because these drivers are seen a more mature and responsible due to their age.

Drivers over the age of 65 can be eligible for a discount, too, if they take a defensive driving course. Many auto insurance companies see this as a way to ensure that older drivers remember the rules of the road and are still able to handle the responsibility that comes with operating a motor vehicle. Even if you have a superb driving record, you can sometimes get a substantial insurance rate discount if you take one of these courses.

Another place to look for discounts on your auto insurance is through any associations or groups you belong to. Sometimes, professional organizations or community groups will work out a special deal with an auto insurance company to provide their members with automatically discounted rates. You can ask about this both through the organization and through the individual insurance company.

Discounts based on customer loyalty are also common in Georgia. If you renew your policy with your auto insurance company for a certain number of years (the number is determined by the individual company), they will often give you a reduced premium to thank you for your continued business.

Finally, some car insurance companies offer discounts based on how much you drive your vehicle or where you drive it. If you drive a relatively small number of miles each year, you might be eligible for a discount. Similarly, if you use your vehicle exclusively for something like farm work, you might qualify for reduced rates. To find out if these discounts are operative in your area of Georgia, talk to your insurance company directly.

Now that you have more information on the car insurance discounts offered in Georgia, you can evaluate your own situation and determine which discounts to ask your insurance company, agent, or broker about applying to your premiums. Whenever you're pursuing discounted rates with your insurance company, make it your task to check your policy to be sure they are included. While most insurance companies will do everything they can to get you all the discounts you qualify for, they deal with thousands of policies and sometimes things get overlooked. If you're checking your own policy, you can be sure you actually get all the discounts you're eligible for.



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