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Getting Better Gas Mileage

Getting better gas mileage is an important thing for many motorists, as paying the high prices for gas is starting to stretch budgets beyond repair. While there is not a lot drivers can do to control the cost of gasoline, there are some things that drivers can to make sure that they get the most from their gallons of gas. By following a few simple tips, motorists can significantly increase the fuel efficiency of their vehicles.

Important Tips

One of the best things that you can do to increase your gas mileage is to schedule auto maintenance regularly and drive your vehicle slower. Most studies indicate that drivers who slow down a bit on the highways to around 50 mph get better mileage than those who drive at top speeds of 70mph. While you may be in a hurry to get where you are going, you may want to consider trying this to see if it helps you conserve gasoline. It’s better to go a little slower and pay a lot less each week for gasoline costs.

Another thing you can do to get better gas mileage is to decrease the weight in your vehicle. If you can, you may actually want to purchase a more lightweight vehicle that can offer you better gas mileage. If, however, this is not in your budget, then you should do everything you can to remove weight from your vehicle. If you have bike or luggage racks attached to your car, you may want to remove them. Also, refrain from carrying heavy things in your vehicle. There’s no need for you to carry around a bunch of stuff in your car’s trunk. Doing so could significantly affect your car’s gas mileage. To get the best mileage out of your vehicle, make it as light as you possibly can before you set off on a journey. This may require a little bit of spring cleaning on your part, but it would be well worth it to save all that money on gas prices.

Letting your engine idle is a great way to waste gas, and it’s something that you don’t want to do. If you can avoid it, eliminate idling altogether from your driving practices. If you think you are going to be sitting still for long periods of time, you should go ahead and turn your vehicle off while you wait. A good example of this is when you get caught at train tracks. Letting for car idle while a really slow train passes by is not good for its fuel efficiency. Rather than wasting gas, turn your engine off and wait for the train to pass. You’ll be glad you did because you’ll see so much difference in your gas mileage.

Constantly speeding up and slowing down is bad for your vehicle and will cause you to burn fuel more quickly. A great way to avoid this practice is by using cruise control while you are driving. Cruise control will eliminate this constant acceleration and slowing, and your car will go at an even rate. Not only will you be conserving fuel, you’ll also be able to relax a bit as you enjoy your drive.

Other Options

If you can’t seem to get the gas mileage that you want out of your vehicle, then you may want to consider purchasing a new vehicle altogether. There are lots of options for new fuel efficient vehicles, and you could benefit from choosing one of them. You can select from new green cars that get better gas mileage.


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