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Giants Head to World Series

Alongside other sports stories, including the release of Deanna Favre's book, Giants head to World Series after dispatching the Phillies in the NLCS. They will face up against the American League champion Texas Rangers in the Fall Classic, a matchup of the two teams that knocked off last year's entrants in the playoffs. There are many stories to follow, such as the trade of former Giants catcher Bengie Molina to the Rangers. Obviously that trade worked out well for both teams, as it gave Texas a solid backstop and allowed San Francisco to promote rookie phenom Buster Posey to full time starting status.

History of the Giants

The San Francisco NL ballclub actually got its roots in New York, not arriving in California until the late 1950s. The franchise has more wins than any other in baseball, as it has been around longer than most and enjoyed some early success. The team won many pennants and five world championships while in New York, but have not won a World Series since moving from New York to the Bay area. This year's matchup might represent the franchise's best hope yet of ending that draught.

2010 Baseball Playoffs

All through the 2010 season, the team could never have been termed as anything other than streaky or inconsistent. The team would go on hot streaks followed by cold snaps in which its offense and its pitching would disappear. Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum did not have his best year, looking less than dominant for long stretches at a time. It was not even apparent that this team would even reach the playoffs at all until the end of the year when it claimed the National League West division crown. Discount auto insurance customers and fans all over the Bay Area seemed as surprised as anyone when the team began putting things together and won its first playoff series. In the National League Championship showdown, the Giants were underdogs to the sexy pick to win it all, the Philadelphia Phillies, led by ace Roy Halladay who had just thrown only the second playoff no hitter in all of baseball history in his playoff debut during the divisional series.

Still, these matchups are not decided on paper, and through the series the Giants definitely proved to be the better team. Philadelphia, sort of a National League mirror of the New York Yankees with a very high payroll and one of the oldest lineups in the game, looked its age and was consistently out hustled by the Giants over the course of the championship series. This is the beauty of postseason major league baseball: it is always unpredictable and never easy to tell which team is going to come out on top.

Giants vs. Rangers

The 2010 World Series features two teams that were regarded as being good, but never really thought of as being great during the course of the season. With the addition of ace Cliff Lee near the trading deadline, the Texas Rangers enhanced their lineup and emboldened their rotation. The Giants, meanwhile, played their own game and were led by a resurgent Lincecum, among others. The Fall Classic features two teams that were not really given much of a chance to get there. Yet at the close of the season, the Rangers and Giants definitely outplayed the others and proved that they were the two best teams in major league baseball. The only question that is left for San Francisco fans is this: can they out hustle one more team on their way to a world title? The Giants are four wins away from their first SF championship.


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