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Gosselin Kids Expelled from Private School

While some celebrities such as Felix Hernandez are making headlines for their success, others aren't so lucky.  Two of the Gosselin sextuplets have been expelled from their private school, reportedly for rage issues [1]. The two kids, Alexis and Collin, are now being home schooled after the expulsion from the PA school. According to multiple reports, the two children were mean and aggressive to other children, calling them names and bullying them among other things. This incident is just the latest bit of drama in the reality show gone bad that is the Gosselin family.

"Jon and Kate Plus 8" was a very popular cable network television show that chronicled the lives of the family members and particularly focused on how the couple was dealing with having a set of sextuplets plus a set of twins only a few years apart in age. But the show fell apart as the couple separated and filed for divorce, and "Kate Plus 8" replaced the old show format, with the first season following her every move it seemed as she tried to pick up the pieces after her failed marriage.

Getting Expelled the Latest Straw

The Gosselin kids expelled is no huge surprise given all that they have been through, first having to live under a microscope with cameras watching their every last move while they tried to have normal childhood experiences, and then having to cope while their mother and father split up and dad left town. The kids have been through a great deal in only a short period of time, so this Gosselin kids expelled story should not be a shocker to anybody that has watched the family story unravel on cable TV. Jon has recently been heard criticizing his ex wife for keeping the kids on TV even as their experience has evidently led to behavioral problems and other troubles for the youngsters. The Gosselin kids expelled is just another sign of the way things are in the "Kate Plus 8" Gosselin household.

Numerous reports say that Collin among other things refused to have his school picture taken because he is so sick of seeing cameras in his face all the time [1]. This is another example of the things the kids father mentions when he goes off about them continuing to appear on TLC. In his mind, the parents caused damage to the children when they chose to do the cable show, damage that was evident with the Gosselin kids expelled for their deviant behavior. He feels guilty apparently for what they did and claims that he will never get over that guilt. At the same time, Kate says the children do not like visiting with Jon [1].

Jon and Kate Fight Publicly

This public bickering in the media and using celebrity news and gossip channels to get their point across to one another is an interesting way of dealing with the situation. With the children expelled and being home schooled, it would seem evident that something is amiss with the Gosselin household and that there may be something going on that needs to be addressed. But it appears as though the emphasis for now at least is to protect the expelled youth from the media.

Already it seemed like it was well known that appearances on the former TLC show before the split up did not match reality. The Gosselin kids expelled makes one wonder if the parents are more concerned about their children or having lots of money for car insurance without auto insurance discounters and big expensive luxury automobiles.  With the Gosselin kids expelled it is like the bubble burst all over again for the family.

[1] Retrieved 2010-11-22.


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