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Granite City Car Insurance

Granite City car insurance agents are giving the best rates on car insurance policies. Granite City, IL drivers can save the most on coverage when they shop around and compare multiple quotes to find the best policy. Granite City, IL drivers have many different coverage needs and budget allowances on car insurance in Illinois.

Minimum Policies

In many states a vehicle can not be legally driven unless it meets minimum car insurance coverage requirements. Bodily injury liability and property damage liability coverage is required for each vehicle coverage plan driven in Granite City, IL. Minimum policies are available through Granite City automobile insurance providers if you are searching for state required coverage only.

Illinois requires you to have coverage on any vehicle you drive on public roads. In the state there is an at fault driver assigned to each car accident, meaning there is a driver that must be deemed responsible for the car accident. Your Granite City auto insurance provider will have you covered if you are the at fault party in an auto accident.

Buying state minimum Illinois auto coverage requirement policies will protect you financially from being totally responsible for paying for the damages you caused if you are an at fault party in an auto accident. If you are not covered in Illinois you will be responsible for the damage s out of your own pocket. Granite City vehicle insurance will keep you protected financially while on the road.

State minimum coverage policies will be the cheapest coverages on car insurance in Granite City. Since the policies are not based on vehicle value, and just the minimum amount and no more, they have the lowest premium rates of any coverage. These one size fits all policies are thee most affordable and only provide a certain limit amount of coverage to for each vehicle.

In the state each Granite City driver must have $20,000 worth of coverage for bodily injury liability for one person per car accident. $40,000 worth of bodily injury coverage for two or more people in an auto accident. Bodily injury pays for medical bills and injuries from an auto accident you are responsible for.

Each Granite City car insurance plan must also have coverage for property damages you cause in an auto accident. $15,00 worth of coverage for property damage must be purchased for each vehicle. Property damage liability covers damages to cars, and buildings you damage with your vehicle in an auto accident.

In order for any vehicle to be registered and receive tags in Granite City the state minimum requirements for auto coverages must be met first. You must also be able to provide proof of insurance if you are operating a vehicle on public roads. Granite City asset protection car insurance agents can offer a low rate quote on state minimum car insurance policies.


Collision car coverage is not required by the state, but it is recommended that you carry collision coverage. Collision is a part of more extensive vehicle coverage to protect you on public roads. Granite City car insurance providers have collision coverage policies at low rates for drivers who need more than the minimum.

Collision coverage is Granite City car insurance that covers damages to your vehicle in the event of at auto accident you cause. The coverage pays for the repair of your damaged vehicle or the replacement if it is considered to be a total loss. This is not required to drive legally, but it is highly recommended that your purchase as much auto collision coverage as you can afford since it is a tort state.

When you sign up for collision auto coverage you will first select the amount of coverage you need. Collision auto coverage amounts are variable because they amount is based on your vehicle's value. The higher value your vehicle is, the more coverage you will need to properly protect yourself financially from having to pay for damages in an auto accident.

You will then select your collision auto coverage limits. Your limit is how much of your vehicle's value you are paying your insurer to cover. If you have a vehicle that loses value rapidly, such as a new auto, you may want too adjust your limits periodically to make sure you are not paying too much for coverage you will not use.

Setting your deductible is the next step for signing up for collision auto coverage. Your deductible is the amount of the total damage that you are considered to be responsible before the insurer pays their part. The higher your deductible amount is, the lower your overall premium will be.

Collision auto coverage is usually mandatory to add to your Granite City car insurance if your vehicle is under a loan. The amount of coverage, limit, and deductible usually depends on how much the loan providers requires. Usually auto loans brokers require the most coverage available for vehicles being financed.


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