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Great Falls Car Insurance

Great Falls car insurance is a key to safe driving in this water clad metropolitan of Montana. Great Falls, MT gets it's name from the series of waterfalls throughout the city. Although there is a large amount of water, there is also a very high amount of traffic for the third largest city in Montana. This makes having Montana automobile insurance a big factor for resident drivers.

Penalties for No Great Falls Vehicle Insurance

Having car insurance in the state of MT is required in order to stay legal, so make sure to consider consulting an online car insurance broker to make your search easier. This means drivers caught without coverage can face a series of penalties. These punishments can come to the uninsured driver in a variety of ways, from a routine traffic stop to being reported by an insurance company.

The first penalty for driving without Great Falls car insurance is a misdemeanor charge. With this charge comes a minimum of a $500 penalty. For some drivers, this $500 will be approximately what they would have paid for a year's worth of Great Falls automobile insurance. Now these drivers will have to pay this amount all at once, and have this charge on their driving record.

A few other punishments will come along with this misdemeanor charge. The uninsured driver will also receive up to five points on his or her driver's license. The driver will also have a suspended license until he or she is able to show proof of Great Falls car insurance to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Additionally, the uninsured driver will spend a minimum of ten days in the county jail. Great Falls officials take having appropriate coverage very importantly. Any driver caught without the required coverage can expect to see all of the listed punishments. Keeping the minimum coverage seems like a lot less of a hassle after reviewing these harsh punishments.

The above penalties are all for first time offenders caught with no Great Falls car insurance. If a driver is caught a second time with no coverage on their car, a higher fine will be assessed as well as another ten days in jail. Additionally, this time, a mandatory 90 day license suspension this is despite any future proof of coverage.

Should a car accident occur and the at fault driver is uninsured, the insured party's company will report the driver to the Department of Motor Vehicles and the license will be suspended. Here, drivers can obtain quick and easy auto insurance quotes and avoid the hassle of driving without coverage on their car. Drivers can also be sure they will be covered if an unfortunate event does occur.

What is Required for Great Falls Auto Insurance?

Now that Great Falls residents know they must have some form of coverage on their vehicle, it is important to know what to look for in car insurance quotes to stay legal. Herein, the mandatory coverages will be explained. With the information below, Great Falls drivers can compare car insurance to make sure they get the best deal.

Almost all of the 50 states require drivers to carry liability coverage on their car and Great Falls, Montana is no different. Liability coverage comes into play when a driver is found to be at fault for a car accident. The liability coverage on the at fault driver's auto policy will cover damages, up to the specified limit, to the victim's property or the victim's medical bills resulting from a car accident.

When reviewing vehicle insurance quotes, Great Falls drivers will need to be sure they have liability limits of 25/50/10. The first number represents the amount of injury coverage allowed per person and per accident, this amount is $25,000. This will cover medical bills and compensation as a result of the accident for the victim. The 50 represents the amount of coverage allowed total for injuries per accident. This mandatory limit is $50,000.

The number 10 represents the amount of property damage limits a driver must carry on their Great Falls car insurance policy, this is $10,000. This number will also be per accident, but it is the total for all property damage involved in an auto accident, not per property. These numbers are all required as the minimum but should stand as guidelines. Many drivers will want to carry higher limits to ensure they are covered properly.

Finding the right Great Falls car insurance is so easy when you are able to compare multiple quotes in one place. Here, drivers can review policies and determine which company is the best fit with the right price. Staying legally insured in this city is important, but it does not mean spending hours looking for appropriate coverage. Find the best fit for you and your family now by clicking here.


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