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Green Cars for Families

Green cars for families give us options to help reduce the impact we make on the environment in our daily routines as drivers. There are many different ways you can go if you want a greener car. Some of the choices that we have are more obvious than others, but you can make a big impact on your own carbon footprint in ways you might not realize. Save some money on a new car that’s great for your family and choose the features that will make it greener and reduce its effect on the environment.

Electric Cars

There are more electric cars (EVs) hitting the road these days than ever before. Once a novelty; then after that something considered highly futuristic; and then at other points summarily brushed off; the electric car is here with some significant models actually hammered out by major manufacturers and offered at prices that are rather competitive to the traditional gas powered market. Unfortunately, when purchasing a green car it is still beneficial if one learns to debate total loss claims, just in case.

One difference between today’s viable EVs and those pictured many years back is that these ones come with dual power, which means that they are equipped with gas motors as well as the capability to run fully on electric power for some set number of miles. Once the battery dies down, the driver can start up the motor and keep on heading down the road, greatly adding to the range of these vehicles. This hybrid feel is nothing new in the industry, of course.


Hybrid cars have actually increased in their production and overall market share year after year. One of the reasons for this has been the overall volatility and rise in gas prices. With people paying more at the pump, hybrids that can run on ethanol as well as gasoline have emerged, and many of them don’t do too badly on E85 for fuel economy, either.

These vehicles are philosophical cousins of the clean burning diesels being sold today, without the deadly sulfur emissions (or the noise) that always characterized old diesels. These days, one of the things that many automakers and researchers in the field are trying to do is to come up with ways to better use some of the resources that already exist in order to reduce our consumption of oil and our overall pollution.

Higher Fuel Efficiency in Vehicles

Even in gas powered cars and trucks, there have been some great improvements in this area. Greener vehicles are those that use smaller quantities of fossil fuels and that leave a less significant carbon footprint on the earth. There are cars and trucks that get significantly better gas mileage even than their same make and model from a few years back. A great example is with full sized trucks, where a new ride with the same powertrain as before might get as much as five miles to the gallon more, while also sporting more power to boot.

The features and capabilities of greener cars make them a great choice for families. As parents we want to make good choices in vehicles that will help preserve the earth for our children and for posterity. And at the same time, we need to find good prices on these automobiles in order to help our families financially in the present. Fortunately, prices on the greenest family cars on the market tend to fall over time. And car insurance rates for these vehicles are often low, too, because car insurance companies usually offer discounts for them. Use our free form to explore price for green car insurance and save money even as you help preserve the environment.


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