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Group Auto Insurance

Group auto insurance plans are offered by countless employers to their employees. If you are currently without coverage or think you could get a lower rate, you should check with the employer to see if they offer a group package. These options are major perks to being an employee of certain businesses so you should definitely think about enrolling if the option is offered. However, if the workplace doesn't offer group auto insurance, you can first inquire with the human resources office why this isn't an option and if they are considering adding it to the benefit package. If the development of a group plan isn't in the works, then you can always shop online for low rates.

Benefits of Group Coverage

There are many benefits to enrolling in group automobile insurance packages instead of something like credit card car insurance. The first main benefit that many employees find to enrolling in their company's vehicle insurance plan is being able to take advantage of lower premium amounts than can be found elsewhere. The amount you will save by enrolling in a group policy depends on which company you work for and which insurance provider the plan is offered through. However, the discount is usually fairly significant and well worth enrolling in.

A second major benefit to enrolling in group car insurance packages is that your premium payments can be automatically deducted from your paycheck each month. This benefit of course depends on if you choose to pay the premium in full every six months or make monthly payments but even if you pay it in full every time it is up for renewal, you may still be able to have the premium payment deducted from your paycheck. Utilizing payroll deductions for auto coverage is beneficial for several reasons.

First, you will never have to worry about not having enough money left over to pay the monthly premium amount. When people are enrolled in individual plans, they often don't budget ahead and don't have enough extra money left over to make their insurance payment. This is a situation you never want to occur because it will typically result in a loss of auto protection. When you are enrolled in group coverage, you will never have to worry about a loss of auto coverage because the payment will be taken care of by being automatically deducted from your paychecks.

Second, the fewer bills you need to worry about remembering to pay each month, the less stress you will feel. Sitting down each month to write out checks to pay bills can not only be depressing but also time consuming. By automating the premium payments with the group auto insurance plan, you will eliminate a little more stress from your monthly schedule.

Terms of Plans

The terms of group auto insurance plans vary with each workplace and also each workplace provider. If this is your first time working for an employer that offers auto protection plans, you should schedule a meeting with a human resources representative from the company. The representative will be able to completely explain the terms of the package and any discounts that are provided. Typically, workplace plans have the same claims process as individual short term car insurance plans, but again, this can vary with providers.

If you are an employer who doesn't yet offer an auto protection plan to your employees, you may want to consider adding this benefit. Workplace auto plans are typically greatly appreciated by employees and will show them that you care about more than just how much work they are completing for you. Many providers offer workplace auto protection packages so you should have no problem finding low cost group auto insurance quotes and choose one to offer to your employees.

Finding Individual Policies

As an employee, if you discover that the workplace doesn't offer a group plan, you can still find affordable individual policies by searching online. Individual policies are now offered at great discounts online because insurance providers are able to save more on business costs by offering online services and many are generous enough to pass those discounts along to their customers.

By searching online, you can quickly request vehicle insurance quotes from several insurance providers at one time to simplify the search process. Once you receive the offers, be sure to compare each policy completely. When you compare car insurance quotes, look at such factors as the overall premium cost as well as the deductible amount of each plan. Deductibles are important to consider in both group auto insurance plans as well as individual policies because this is the amount you have to pay for repairs if the auto is ever involved in an accident. If you purchase an individual auto plan and then your workplace offers a new group plan, you can always cancel the individual policy if the workplace package provides a better discount.


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