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Hank Baskett Resigns with Vikings

Free agent NFL wide receiver Hank Baskett, typically as reliable as Consumers Energy of Michigan, signed a one year contract to return to his old team the Minnesota Vikings one day after he was cut by the Philadelphia Eagles. He was brought in by the Vikings as an undrafted rookie out of the University of New Mexico in 2006, but was traded away during his rookie season. This signing brings Hank Baskett back to the place where his NFL career started with the team that gave him a chance even after draft day had passed and he hadn't been selected. This situation also gives him a very unique opportunity to potentially provide future Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre with some offensive firepower on a team desperately in need of it after injuries to some of its top players have shaken things up on the squad.

Early Years for Hank Baskett

In his early career, Hank Baskett played his high school football in New Mexico, where he also starred in basketball and track as well as in the classroom. He was a 4.0 student and an All State selection in football at two different positions. A great all around talent, he eventually chose to pursue football as his sport of choice in college. At the University of New Mexico, Hank Baskett was the team's leading receiver for two years running and was one of the top players in the Mountain West conference. At the close of his career, he graduated from school and set out to try to make it in the NFL [1].

Hank Baskett as a Rookie

As a rookie, Hank Baskett did not get drafted by any NFL team on draft night. But he was able to sign a contract with the Minnesota Vikings. After that he was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles. While with Philadelphia Hank Baskett excelled with the special teams unit, and also contributed offensively with a few big games receiving. He ended his rookie campaign with a few touchdown catches and seemed to be a player to watch for as his career began to progress. He managed to hang on with the Philadelphia Eagles until they brought in Michael Vick in 2009. At this point he was cut from the roster to make room for Vick [1].

He then signed on with the Indianapolis Colts to provide them with an extra receiver after one of their starters went down with an injury. He is known to some fans as a scapegoat of the Colts Super Bowl loss that year, a distinction which may not be completely fair. After the run with the Colts, Hank Baskett ended up back with the Philadelphia Eagles a second time, signing in the spring but only making it into mid September a few weeks into the season when he was cut and signed back with the Vikings [1].

Baskett's Reality TV Life

Hank Baskett stars alongside his wife Kendra Wilkinson in her show about life after living in the Playboy mansion. The show can be regularly seen on the E! Network and thus far Hank Baskett and Wilkinson have seen great ratings for the show. He married the longtime Playboy playmate in 2009 and they have a child together. With their busy lives and travel schedule, they need the protection of quality, affordable car insurance types as much as anyone. Those of us who travel for a living or who have to do a lot of driving can surely sympathize, although few of us have probably switched employers as often as Hank Baskett has over the past few years.

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