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Helena Car Insurance

Helena car insurance is a must have for all drivers of these Montana streets. Helena is a bustling historical city, bringing visitors and residents alike to immerse in the MT countryside. Comparing Montana car insurance quotes and having Helena car insurance means you can be confident while driving throughout the city.

Types of Helena Vehicle Insurance

Certain coverages are required in Helena, MT; without these coverages a driver is not legally driving on the road. Some drivers risk harsh punishments by driving uninsured. Do not be one of the statistics, click here to compare car insurance today and consider an online car insurance broker.

The first required coverage for a Helena car insurance policy is liability coverage. Most states require drivers to carry this coverage in the event they are liable for a car accident. Liability coverage covers two areas, injuries and property damage.

Montana requires drivers to carry at the very minimum $25,000 per person and $50,000 per total accident for injury coverage. Property damage is required at $10,000 total per accident. These numbers are the lowest amount of liability coverage drivers in Helena can carry; however, drivers can carry much higher limits and it is often recommended to do so.

The next required coverage is uninsured motorist coverage. As Helena car insurance is mandatory by law, having uninsured coverage protects those who are legally insured from those uninsured drivers. This is injury coverage that can pay for medical expenses and the insured's company will subrogate the at fault party.

The following coverages are all elective. These are not required by law but are strongly suggested for all Helena car insurance policies. The first of these is collision coverage. Unless it would cost more than the car is worth to insure it, it is a good idea to have collision.

Collision coverage is used when a claim is made after a car accident. There is no limit for collision coverage, but there is a deductible. The deductible is decided upon the time of purchase and is due at the time of repairs.

Comprehensive coverage is the next first party coverage. This will cover the car for any damages caused by a covered loss other than a car accident. This includes storm damage, theft or vandalism and even damage from an animal. Rental coverage can be added on as well and used for either comprehensive or collision.

Medical payments coverage is the next elective that can be included in vehicle insurance quotes. This is a first party injury coverage. Medical payments handles medical expenses due to injuries from an auto accident regardless of fault.

The above are the most common types of coverage for car insurance in Helena, Montana. There are additional coverages and umbrella coverage in Helena which can be added to car insurance quotes. These should be reviewed carefully to determine the amount of limits needed on an individual basis.

Finding Auto Insurance Quotes in Helena

Finding the Helena automobile insurance you need has never been easier. Simply clicking here can mean going through a quick and easy process to find the right policy. Once a driver knows the type of coverage and amount of limits he or she needs, getting a quote is the easy part.

Drivers should make sure they have all their personal information ready to enter when searching for quotes. This will help them go through the process as smoothly as possible. There will be information regarding all the drivers who will be added on the policy as well as information on all vehicles added that will be asked. Having this information handy ensures quickness for shoppers as well.

Some of the personal information the shopper will need is dates of birth, social security numbers, address and employment information. Also included is the amount of miles driven per day and per year. The Helena auto insurance company will also check driving records and credit scores. Car insurance is all about risk, the better driver an individual is, the less risk they are. This is the same of credit scores, studies have shown that those with a low credit score are often a bigger risk as insureds.

Shoppers should play around with quotes. Making changes and lowering and raising limits and deductibles will help them to find just the right fit. This is true for all of the coverages, shoppers are just unable to go any lower on the required coverages than the state minimums.

Shoppers looking to make the right decision on an auto policy should always compare quotes. Comparing ensures not only the lowest price, but also all the perfect fit of coverage for each driver. Having Helena car insurance is important in order to stay legal on the road, but drivers need to be informed in order to make the right decision.


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