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Helping Your Teen Make Insurance Payments

When your teen is old enough to drive a vehicle, it's going to be a special time in his or her life. It's going to mean that he or she has the freedom to get out on the road and explore. If you want to help your teen do this, then you may be willing to help him or her pay for a vehicle. However, you can also end up helping your teen by chipping in to make his or her car insurance payments.

Teens are likely to pay really high prices for car insurance, and this is because of the accident statistics that a lot of auto insurance companies rely on when they are deciding on rates. According to statistics, teens are more likely to get involved in auto accidents, especially when driving during bad weather, and this is why providers end up charging more money. They assume that by insuring a teen they are taking a bigger risk. Even if your teen doesn't fit the mold, he or she might have to pay high prices, and this could cause him or her to need some help.

Making an Agreement

If you are going to help your teen with insurance payments, then you need to sit down and make an agreement about it. If you don't, then you could end up just paying for everything and not getting your teen to work with you. It will probably make the most sense for you to add your teen to your existing policy, so that you can get some lower rates. If this is the case, then you need to make sure that your teen will end up paying you an amount that you agree upon.

Before you enter into an agreement, you and your teen need to sit down and think about all of the costs associated with insurance and what your teen can afford to pay on his or her own. Your teen may be dealing with a lot of other expenses, including school expenses, so you're going to want to be as fair as you possibly can about this without being unfair to yourself. If you can talk openly about what you can afford, then you and your teen may be able to come to an agreement easily that is fair to both of you.

Lowering Your Teens Payments

When you are talking to your teen about helping with insurance payments, there are some other issues that you should discuss: how to lower premium prices. One of the things that you can do to hep your teen lower the prices for car insurance is to get a safe car. Teenagers might want to drive a fast car, but this is something that will only cause their rates to go up. If you want to make sure that these costs stay down, then you need to focus on helping your teen get a reliable and safe car.

Helping your teen make insurance payments is going to be a lot easier if the prices of coverage are lower. One of the things that you should encourage your teen to do is try and make good grades in school. There are a lot of providers out there who will be willing to give a good discount to those student drivers who can show that they are responsible. If your teen can make at least a B average in his or her classes, then he or she may be able to get a much lower rates on his or her car insurance premiums.


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