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Hilltop Car Insurance

Hilltop car insurance protects residents of this district from the exorbitant costs of a car accident. Medical bills and car repairs are only the tip of the iceberg after many collisions. If you are at fault for a car accident, the other driver could sue for lost wages and pain and suffering. In a serious collision, your Hilltop car insurance rates may be insufficient to cover the costs of the damage, and you could be sued for the difference. If you have inadequate insurance, you could find yourself under a mountain of debt following an accident.

Hilltop is a district of neighborhoods in west Columbus. Columbus is located in the center of Ohio, and it is the state's largest city and capital. As in many large cities, residents here have a higher likelihood of collisions due to the high volume of traffic. Unlike its Midwestern neighbors, this area of OH receives little snowfall, so ice and inclement weather are less of a concern.

Hilltop car insurance can make the difference between a bump in the road and a financial crisis for you and your family. Don't get caught without proper Columbus insurance. Know your needs before shopping for car insurance and become an informed consumer. Arming yourself with some basic knowledge about your options can help ensure you get the most coverage at the best rates.

Ohio Car Insurance Requirements

State financial responsibility laws vary, but liability coverage is required across the board. Liability pays for the other driver's expenses if you are at fault for an accident. In OH, the state minimum limits are $12,500 of bodily injury liability per person in the other car, up to $25,000 for the whole accident and $7,500 of property damage liability. State minimum limits tend to be quite modest, so most Hilltop residents should raise them to cover more expenses. If your liability limits are deemed insufficient in a car accident, a court could liquidate your assets to pay the difference.

All drivers must carry a liability policy and a certificate of proof of financial responsibility. This form can be secured from the state Bureau of Motor Vehicles. You must be able to show proof of this certification, either with your provider's proof of insurance or the state's proof of financial responsibility, on the road or in court. Drivers caught without certification can lose their drivers licenses for up to one year, have their cars impounded, court fines and fees to reinstate the license.

Aside from state requirements, there are several forms of Hilltop auto insurance that are highly recommended to protect you from all perils on the road. Your liability coverage covers the other driver, but what about your expenses after a car accident? To pay for these, you will need personal injury protection and collision coverage. Personal injury protection is not necessary for people with existing health insurance, and collision is recommended for drivers whose vehicles are worth more than $5,000.

It is estimated that 15 percent of drivers in the state do not carry the required liability coverage, and even more are under-insured. To protect yourself, you should add uninsured/under-insured motorist protection to your Hilltop vehicle insurance policy. This will cover your car repair expenses if you are hit by an uninsured driver. Your personal injury protection will kick in to pay for medical expenses.

Umbrella Policies

A number of other policy options are available to Hilltop drivers, and a Hilltop car insurance agent can help navigate all of the possibilities. One form of Ohio car insurance coverage that is often overlooked is the umbrella policy. This form of Hilltop car insurance adds value to your liability coverage in increments of a million dollars. It is called an umbrella because the added liability coverage also applies to Hilltop residents' homeowners or renters policies at no extra cost.

An umbrella policy is very inexpensive considering the amount of coverage it affords. As a general rule of thumb, Hilltop automobile insurance customers pay the bulk of their premiums for the privilege of having liability coverage. Any increases in limits cost a fraction of the initial purchase of a minimum-limit policy. For less than $10 more each month, Hilltop drivers can rest assured that they are covered, no matter how severe the collision.

Today, people are eager to sue for even a fender bender. Liability covers the policyholder's legal fees as well as medical and repair expenses for the other driver. An extra couple of million dollars can go a long way in protecting you against financial calamity after a drawn-out legal battle. In addition to your Hilltop liability coverage, uninsured/under-insured motorist coverage, personal injury protection and collision coverage, ask your Hilltop car insurance agent about an umbrella policy. By taking every precaution, you can protect your assets in any scenario.


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