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Hit and Run Auto Insurance - The Claims, the Calls, and the Coverage

Accidents are unfortunate side effects of driving, and hit-and-run auto accidents are the unfortunate side effects of basic human fear or negligence. Whether it be fear of getting in trouble or fear of facing the financial burden of an accident, people flee the scene of a hit and run auto accident all the time. You cannot avoid these drivers, and you cannot avoid their careless behavior. You can, however, avoid having to pay for their actions out of pocket by getting some quality hit and run auto insurance.

Hit and run auto insurance is designed to protect you in times when another reckless hit and run auto insurance cannot cover the costs of damages. If you're in a hit and run auto accident and cannot get a hold of the other driver because he or she left the scene of the accident, this hit and run auto insurance will cover your costs without claiming that the accident was your fault. This obviously benefits your financial situation as you do not have to pay for the hit and run auto accident out-of-pocket, but it also helps your coverage overall as the event does not show against you on the policy. Granted, the hit and run auto insurance accident will still be on there just as any would, but there will be an indication that you were not the cause.

In many instances, your auto insurance plan will have hit and run auto insurance built in, but you should check with your car insurance company to make sure. Be prepared for the situation from the start. When you get a quote for a new policy, ask your representative if there is a provision for hit and run auto insurance coverage. This may be in a package along with uninsured and underinsured coverage. Some states automatically require that hit and run auto insurance coverage anyways, so you may want to find out your state insurance laws before you state to ask any questions. If that is all included, then you shouldn't have much of a problem in the event of a hit and run auto accident. If it is not covered, then request a quote with that provision added into the policy. This may require that you move up to a premium package or a higher level of coverage overall, which could increase your monthly payment with hit and run auto insurance. It is your discretion as to whether or not the extra protection is worth the money that they are requesting.

If you are told that you have hit and run auto insurance coverage and then the vehicle insurance company tells you that you don't once the vehicle has been hit, contact a lawyer immediately. Then during the lawsuit, request that your court costs be covered along with the amount of money that you should get back from the accident. Your lawyer should be able to walk you through the entire proceeding so that you get a fair deal.

Filing a hit and run auto insurance claim isn't always easy to do, but that does not mean it is impossible. To start, you need to make a phone call to your auto insurance company as soon as possible to get a record of the hit and run accident. The longer you wait, the longer you'll forget what happened and the harder it will be to prove your case. Most car insurance providers have a 24 hour help line that you can call to make reports for a hit and run auto insurance claim. If the hit and run accident occurs during normal business hours, you can also go down to the agency office to file the hit and run auto insurance claim.

You need to make sure that you get the name, address, and phone number of any witnesses that were around when the hit and run occurred. These people can be vital when you are trying to prove your case in court, so take the time to do a thorough survey of anyone in the area who may have seen the hit and run auto accident. Make sure that those people will be willing to testify to what they saw in court or with the hit and run auto insurance agency so you know who to contact first.

Once you have reported everything to your auto insurance company, they will send you a hit and run auto insurance claim form. You will need to fill out any information you put on the police report for the accident, and you'll be asked to draw a depiction of what happened. Make sure that this is as accurate as possible as you will likely have to repeat it in court. Any misrepresentation on your hit and run auto accident report (either the one with the police or with the car insurance company) could lead the courts to think that you are running a fraud. If you do not remember a certain aspect of the accident, don't put it down.

If there was some form of personal injury involved, then you need to make sure that you do not sign any forms that say “release” on them until you discuss matters with an attorney. Auto insurance companies often try to get you to back out of a deal by offering some type of incentives within the release form. You may get a sum of money, but you may also sign away your right to aid medical coverage. That could lead to a lot of unexpected expenses that can be associated with hit and run auto insurance that could have easily been avoided by consulting with a lawyer.

You will need to get a damage quote ahead of time so that the court or vehicle insurance company knows how much money to award you. The auto insurance company that you are working with may request that their mechanics look over the vehicle, or they may request that you go to a specific shop in town. You will need the mechanic shop that gave you the quote to sign a form that indicates that they are willing to work for the specified amount of money on the quote. You will need to present that documentation in court so that you have proof of the reasoning behind the amount of money that you are requesting to be paid.

Once you make it to court, you will have to prove that the accident was a hit and run. This is where your witnesses will come into play. Without any people to back up your story, you will have a very hard time convincing people to believe you. If you have no witnesses, you could try to locate store camera footage from your area to see if anything was caught on camera. Other than that, you will simply have to testify on your own behalf, following the story you told in the police and car insurance reports.

If the court determines that you are entitled to get money for the accident, then you will eventually get a check in the mail. The check will be the value of the quote for the damage repair, as well as any extra funds you may be awarded, excluding a deductible (when applicable). After that, the vehicle insurance company that you normally go through should make an indication on your records that you filed for and received money from a hit and run auto insurance claim. That should complete the process. Be sure to monitor your driving record for the next several months as there are times when the accident gets reported as your fault. If nothing results, then you'll be good to go.


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