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Hit and Runs and Auto Insurance

Hit and runs and auto insurance have a rather unique relationship one to the other. In strict insurance terms, hit and run accidents are classified by providers as uninsured motorist crashes. In other words, if you are victimized by a hit and run whether your car is parked or out on the road and the perpetrator is not located, your insurer will treat the case the same as any other uninsured motorist accident. If the negligent driver is not located, your uninsured motorist insurance will be accessed to pay for your bodily injuries and other associated expenses. If you do not carry uninsured motorist insurance, you might be in for a rough road ahead trying to get your expenses paid for.

Hit and Run Accidents Explained

In the most general terms, a hit and run accident is simply one in which one of the drivers involved (usually but not always the negligent driver) leaves the scene of the accident for one reason or another. Since they are often apprehended before too long, it is easy to draw from historical data to come to some conclusions on common reasons drivers flee from accident scenes.

One common reason is fear of legal consequences. Motorists operating a vehicle on a suspended or revoked license often flee to avoid complicating matters further in their fight to regain legal driving privileges. Others leave the scene because they simply do not want to get in trouble and they know they are going to be held liable. This is often the case in accidents where a driver hits a parked car in a parking lot or on the side of a street.

Still others flee the scene of an accident whether or not they were to blame because they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or are carrying firearms or other items that can get them into trouble with law enforcement officials. And still others take off because they actually are driving with no insurance and do not want to face the consequences for that decision. For every accident of the hit and run variety, there is a different reason behind the choice drivers make to flee the scene.

How these Accidents Affect Insurance

Hit and run accidents are all too common on the nation's roads and highways. Their frequency goes up during tough economic times, probably mainly due to correspondingly higher uninsured motorist rates that also usually accompany such tough times. For the motor vehicle insurance policy holders who actually abide by state laws and keep up their policies, these accidents are a source of endless frustration. If it weren't for hit and run accidents, uninsured motorist insurance wouldn't be so costly. The decisions of a relative few among us end up costing the law abiding majority money on their policies.

Yet we only have so much room to complain. Yes, the addition of uninsured motorist insurance does contribute to the cost of our policies. And in some states uninsured insurance is required by state government mandates. Those of us who keep the law and pay that insurance bill faithfully every six months do grumble from time to time, but to keep this expense in perspective, we need to consider the alternative.

If your vehicle was struck by an uninsured motorist or you were the victim of a hit and run and sustained major damage to your vehicle, your uninsured policy would take care of the cost of your medical treatment and other associated costs stemming from the accident. With no such policy in place, you would be in a much worse position as a driver and a patient. The cost of coverage for a policy that theoretically shouldn't be necessary can be a source of frustration, but its premium is a small price to pay for the big savings it can net you as a covered driver in the event of a hit and run or other accident involving an uninsured motorist.

Get Hit and Run Coverage

With no insurance set aside for uninsured motorists, you do have the option of suing the guilty party if he or she is ever found. But this action could take months or even years to get through the courts, and there is no guarantee of a successful outcome. Even if you win, there is still the matter of actually collecting. And how many uninsured drivers have extra cash laying around to pay for large civil judgments?

Uninsured motorist hit and run insurance is a great asset to add to your complete auto insurance policy. For a relatively small addition to your annual premium, you can protect yourself in a substantial way from various threats. Protect yourself from hit and run car accidents and other threats with uninsured motorist automobile insurance.


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