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Holly Springs Car Insurance

Holly Springs car insurance is important for a number of different reasons. When you are looking into coverage you are going to see a number of different Memphis car insurance options. Terms like personal injury protection, comprehensive, liability and collision insurance will most likely pop up several times and it is important to understand what these terms means and how they will impact your rates and your safety on and off the roads. Whether you are driving all the time around Mississippi or Tennessee or whether you are only driving once and a while, it is important to know what you are buying when it comes to your Holly Springs car insurance.

Liability Insurance Holly Springs

Liability coverage is required by law in both the states of MS and TN. What this means is that you will need to have this coverage before you are able to take your car out on the road. Many lending companies in Memphis will also require you to have more comprehensive coverage if you are paying the vehicle back and this is also true with some dealerships in Memphis if you are leasing the car. Whatever the case, make sure you are not driving without this valuable coverage.

Liability coverage protects other driver's from related costs if you cause the accident in Holly Springs. If you are at fault for the accident then you are responsible for the damage to yourself, to your auto and to the other driver's property and personal injuries. This is why liability coverage is referred to as property damage and personal liability insurance. This is also why it is against the law to drive without this form of coverage in both states and across most states in America.

Comprehensive and Personal Injury Protection

Comprehensive Holly Springs car insurance generally refers to third party incident coverage. What this means is that if your car is damaged due to a third party (not the other driver and not because of something you have done), then you can get compensation for your losses to your vehicle. This can include instances of theft as well as damage due to flooding or to vandalism. On the roads, hit and run incidents and, collisions with an animal also fall under this category of Holly Springs vehicle insurance.

Personal injury protection is another form of coverage that you need to think about when living and driving in Holly Springs. What this does is take care of the medical related costs involved in an accident to you and to the other people in your car. This is an important type of Holly Springs automobile insurance to invest in and many drivers in Holly Springs will look at hefty limits of $300,000 or more. After all, a serious accident often results in a serious injury.

Tennessee auto collision insurance is another form of Holly Springs car insurance that drivers in Holly Springs should not be without. This takes care of the costs to your vehicle when you are in an accident where you are considered liable. Collisions happen all the time and no driver in Holly Springs, in TN or in MS should be driving without this coverage unless your vehicle is hardly worth anything. Experts suggest that all drivers invest in this level of Holly Springs car insurance at least with a minimal coverage level, just in case.

A Crash Course on Collisions

Collisions are a big thing to watch out for on the roads. In fact, out of a total of nearly 30,000 fatal accidents and 1.5 million injuries, almost all of them involved a collision of some sort. Collisions with another car accounted for 36 percent of all fatal car crashes in 2009 and an incredible 66 percent of all injury related accidents. Collisions with a fixed object, such as a pole, a ditch or a rail accounted to 36 percent of fatal car accidents and 17 percent of injury accidents while collisions with a non fixed object, such as a person, a parked car, a biker, a train or an animal accounted for 17 percent of fatality accidents and 10 percent of injury related incidents[1]. These numbers prove just how important collision insurance is when looking into buying your Holly Springs auto insurance.

The good news is that most drivers across Tennessee know how important collision coverage is. In fact, 76 percent of insured drivers purchase comprehensive coverage as well as liability protection while 71 percent will also buy collision coverage on top of the basic liability . The even better news is that, on the whole, collision Holly Springs car insurance is not going to cost that much more on average with the average customer paying just under $300 per year for this extra coverage[2]. 02/16/2012 02/16/2012


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