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Hopkinsville Car Insurance

Tired of your Hopkinsville car insurance premium constantly being higher than you think it should? Then you are not alone. One of the biggest complaints surrounding any car coverage premium is that it just seems too high. We all know how important it is to insure our vehicles and remain protected on the road; however, it seems unfair that you are paying through the roof for a service you hope never to even use. In 2010 the national average on insurance premiums was just over $1,500. However, Kentucky residents are paying, on average, over $1,700 for car coverage . If you are paying higher than either of these amounts, then you could be over-paying for your Hopkinsville vehicle insurance. Instead of accepting this high fee, there are ways you can reduce your premium.

Hopkinsville Car Insurance Premiums

So what makes up your Kentucky car coverage premium anyway? How do the Hopkinsville carriers decide what premium to offer you? The main things that will determine your Hopkinsville premium include your age, your gender, the amount of miles you drive, the number of vehicles you plan to insure, the type of vehicle you want to insure, your driving history and policy payment history, where you live and what type of driving you do.

Once these factors have been assessed you will be placed in a category based on your risk level. Although all Hopkinsville, KY companies are different when it comes to their assessment and risk levels, there are essentially three categories: Preferred; Standard; and Non Standard.

Those in the ‘Preferred' category are classified as the lowest risk and thus will be granted the lowest coverage premium options. A ‘Preferred' status generally means that you have been driving for a number of years and have no major traffic violations or serious accidents, that you drive a safe car and that you are not on the road an excessive amount of time.

Those in the ‘Standard' category may have a couple of speeding tickets, may drive an excessive amount, may drive a moderately safe car or may have a number of vehicles on the road. Most families will be placed in the ‘Standard' category. Those in the ‘Non-Standard' category may have a poor credit history with paying insurance in the past, may have a number of driving convictions or may be inexperienced on the road or under the age of 25. Those in the ‘Non Standard' category can expect higher Hopkinsville car insurance premiums.

Low Cost Hopkinsville, KY Car Insurance

Even if you are not in the ‘Preferred' category, all is not lost. There are still ways for Hopkinsville residents to lower their premium each year. One way is to remain as safe both on and off the roads as possible. This means paying off any unpaid parking tickets and fines, staying within the speed limit and remaining in control when behind the wheel. This also means investing in safety and anti-theft devices if you are driving a vehicle that is not up to the standards in the theft and safety department. You can also improve your level of safety and reduce your level of risk on the road by taking a driver's education course. There are a number of courses to choose from, some which are aimed at young drivers and some which are targeted towards mature aged drivers. Look for a course that is approved by the State Board of Education or National Safety Council.

Another great way to save on your Hopkinsville car insurance premium is to check your driving record at least once a year. Mistakes can happen and you may be over-paying on your car insurance simply because the Kentucky DMV has made a mistake.

It is also a good idea to do a quick online search of different Hopkinsville auto insurance carriers every year. You do not want to be paying 2009 prices for car insurance in 2010, especially considering Kentucky car insurance is down an average 10 percent from the 2009 rates . Searching for online automobile insurance quotes from the different Hopkinsville coverage companies will allow you to compare a number of different premiums and policies based on your lifestyle. While one company may classify you as a "Non Standard" driver, another company may place you in the "Standard" category. This could mean the difference between a $1,500 policy and a $1,200 policy.

Hopkinsville Automobile Insurance Discounts

You do not have to leave the house to find cheap discounts on your Hopkinsville car insurance. A quick online search will provide you with all the information, including company details, coverage options, policy inclusions and price discounts. Then all you need to do is click, compare and save! Feel protected on the road without feeling the pinch in your wallet with a simple online search of Hopkinsville car insurance.


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