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How do I add a vehicle to my car insurance policy?

Adding a vehicle to your car insurance policy is not a difficult process. However, the particulars of doing so vary from company to company. Before you decide place an order to add a vehicle to your policy, you should have certain information readily available. This information includes your vehicle's year, make, model, vehicle identification number, license plate number, and odometer reading and an estimation of the amount of miles you will drive your vehicle annually. You may also be asked to provide information concerning what your vehicle will be primarily used for (i.e. commuting to and from school or work) and what types of coverage you desire for the car. All of this will go into determining your new rates.

Typically, the manner in which you add a vehicle to your policy will fall under one of several ways. Adding a vehicle to a policy by phone is the most common method of doing this. You simply call your insurance agent and request the change to your policy. There will always be a few fickle companies who may not allow you to do this, so it is advisable that you contact your insurance provider's customer service department to inquire about how to go about performing this. If your insurance company does allow this method, more than likely the customer service representative will be able to process your request right away over the phone. Make certain you have all of your information readily available.

It is possible to place your request by mail. However, you should utilize this method with caution. Because of the general slowness of mail, you may have to wait a certain period of time before your coverage is effective and you can drive your car legally. In contrast, many car insurance companies offer their consumers the option of making policy changes online. You will be required to submit all of the above information online. You should be careful to input all relevant data correctly. However, your coverage will begin immediately. It might be in your best interest to contact the insurance company by phone the next day to make certain that the process went smoothly and was completed successfully.

If you are still uncertain about using the methods listed above, you can always contact your insurance agent to advise you on how to proceed. He or she will gladly be able to answer your questions. The biggest favor you can do for yourself is to educate yourself about the coverage you are purchasing. It is important that you know when your coverage will be effective and that your forms of coverage are meeting state requirements. There may be a certain number of days before an insurance company will effect a change to your policy. You should be aware of this so you can plan for it accordingly. Do not assume that you have an infinite amount of time to officially add a new car to your insurance policy. Your coverage does not automatically extend to any new vehicle you acquire.


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