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How Much is Car Insurance for a 17 Year Old?

Do you need car insurance for a 17 year old? If so, car insurance for a 17 year old might be more affordable than you think - if you look for certain discounts. A major point in life comes when someone is finally given the right to drive. For most states this means at 16 years old you can drive with a permit, and at 17 years old someone can drive by themselves after passing the test to get their drivers license. The next thing that comes up once this happens is can I get my 17 year old car insurance? For the most part, you need to check with your state laws. Some states require that the 17 year old be put on their parents policy, while others will allow the 17 year old to get their own car insurance.

Regardless of what the situation is, you need to realize that 17 year old car insurance is going to be more expensive than insurance for someone older who has a driving history. The fact that at 17 someone doesn't really know a lot about driving, especially defensive driving and other safe driving tactics, is the main reason why you can expect to pay more for car insurance for a teenage driver. The likelihood of getting into an accident is far greater for someone with less experience than for someone who has been driving for a few years, and this will be reflected in the price of the car insurance. The best way to find out about rates is to simply get some free quotes online. Be sure to let the agent know that you are looking for car insurance for a 17 year old.

While inexperience is a major factor in higher rates for 17 year old car insurance, the factor of being a male or female also plays a role in the rate. Males over time have exhibited the tendency to be more aggressive drivers, and this also will affect the price of the auto insurance policy. This is especially proven in the early stages of getting someone's license, and therefore if you have a 17 year old daughter, you are going to pay less than if you have a 16 year old son that needs car insurance.

Now that some facts about why you can expect to pay more for 17 year old car insurance have been exposed, let's take a look at how you might be able to save some money or get some discounts on this coverage. When the parents of the 17 year old have a clean driving record and decide to put the teen on their auto insurance policy, it will save money over having the 17 year old take out his own policy. Also, there are car insurance companies that will give discounts to teen drivers who excel in the classroom. This is something to check out with the various companies after getting your free quotes, as this could make one company more attractive to deal with than another even though their initial quote may be cheaper. Another factor that can help reduce the rate is having the 17 year old complete a safety driver program. Completing such a program could decrease the cost by around 5 percent and help save money for your new driver. Something else to keep in mind is the frequency of driving. If the driver isn't going to be driving very much, it is possible this could also result in a cheaper rate for 17 year old car insurance.

As with any auto insurance policy, regardless of whether it is a teenager that is the driver or not, there are other factors that will effect the rate of car insurance for a 17 year old as well. The year, make, and model of a car will have an impact on how much the policy will cost. This factor usually is also effected by if the car is financed or owned as well. For example, someone owning a 1998 vehicle with no car payments would only need to insure the car with liability insurance, whereas someone driving a 2009 vehicle who is making payments to a loan company will have to have full coverage. Obviously, the need to retain only liability coverage on a vehicle is going to be much cheaper than if the car needs to be insured for full coverage. The great thing about shopping for either one of these is you can get free quotes online from one source, such as, that will supply someone with quotes from various companies so you can find the one that is right for you.

The area where someone lives and drives is also an important factor in 17 year old car insurance, as well as car insurance for other people. People driving in areas where there is a high volume of traffic or a high car theft rate are going to pay more for insurance than people who live in a small town with limited traffic and low car theft rates. Let's face it, the more cars that are on the road, the more likely an accident is going to occur, especially if the driver is an inexperienced 17 year old. Even if the town where someone lives has these lower rate qualities, working in a place where there is high car theft rates or traffic will also have an effect on the amount of coverage you have to pay. How many miles you drive to work is also a deciding factor in how much one will pay.

While there are many factors in deciding on 17 year old car insurance and the rates someone will have to pay for their policy, it is good to know that these days you don't have to go through the entire insurance section of the phone book to find helpful information and quotes. Free car insurance quotes are easily available online and can save people a lot of time and aggravation, and you can even check things out from the comfort of your own home. Places like that offer free quotes from many different companies are a great place to start. So if looking for 17 year old car insurance this could be a good place to start and get a free no obligation quote. Now that you know what factors are going to be involved, all you need to do is find the right car insurance policy for you or your 17 year old.


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