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How much is car insurance for a sixteen year old?

A sixteen year old driver with a freshly minted license is undoubtedly going to pay more for car insurance than an adult would. However, exactly how high these rates go are dependent upon the multiple factors that an insurance company uses to determine rates. By obtaining car insurance quotes online, you can compare prices on different policies from different companies and see which ones will offer the best rates for your teenage driver.

In order to receive a quote, you will need to have certain information readily available. For your personal information, you will need your child's name, date of birth, gender, and current address. Information you will need about the vehicle to be insured will include the year, make, and model, as well as an estimate of the amount of annual mileage to be driven. You will also be required to furnish information regarding the type of coverage you wish to have.

An insurance quote will provide you with the most accurate approximate rate available at the time you input your data. You may be required to enter your child's social security number. This serves as an aid to an insurance company to verify your child is who you really say she or he is. It also allows the insurance company to provide you with the most accurate quote available.

The higher insurance premiums that a teenager is given is primarily due to the fact that they have a lack of experience in driving. An insurance company considers a driver under the age of twenty to be a high risk investment to insure. However, there are numerous affordable options available to you when it comes to insurance coverage in spite of this limitation. If your 16 year old completes a driver's education course, you will not have to pay quite as much for coverage. The same will result if the teenager maintains good grades in school. In essence, insurance companies like to reward for education in all forms.

Although the price quotes for your desired coverage may vary, a state's minimum requirements for automobile insurance do not. It is almost a given that your state will require you to maintain a minimum of liability coverage. The monetary amounts of coverage you do have to carry will vary according to the state you reside in. The system under which your state operates in dealing with collisions will also determine what forms of coverage your child will need to maintain in order to drive legally. Self education about your state's requirements will be beneficial to both you and your child.

Males are going to be expected to pay more for car insurance than their female counterparts. Data, which is compiled and analyzed in a national database, shows that male drivers tend be less able to correctly identify and avoid hazardous situations. Coupled with the fact that they are less experienced behind a wheel, male teenage drivers are quite risky to insure. Studies performed from available information in 2007 showed that male teenage drivers accounted for 29% of all motor vehicles accidents in the United States. Shopping around while using price comparison techniques will allow you to determine who will offer you the most affordable rates.


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