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How to Remove Dog Hair in Your Car

Many dog-lovers enjoy taking their beloved dogs for rides in the car and seeing them stick their heads out for that blast of wind through their hair. And then there are the dreaded trips to the veterinarian. Any way you slice it, there are times when dog owners tote their dogs with them in the car, and the unwanted dog hair left in the car can be troublesome to remove. The hair can become embedded in the upholstery of the seats and collect in the cracks at the back of the seats, not to mention on the fabric lining the interior rooftop and on the floors. From vacuuming to using duct tape, there are various ways to rid your car of unwanted dog fur.

A very powerful vacuum with an attachable suction hose can remove a large portion of the dog fur from a vehicle. A shop-vac is a great option because it won't get clogged as easily as a regular house vacuum. To suck up most, if not all of the dog hair, you can use a latex glove in combination with the vacuum. Put a latex glove on one hand and rub the surface right near where you are simultaneously vacuuming. The glove will create static electricity and cause the hair to stand up, making it vacuum up more readily.

Many dog owners claim that rubber dish washing gloves alone will do the trick of removing dog hair from your car. Simply put the gloves on and pick up the fur. The fur tends to stick to the rubber surface of the gloves and then can be thrown away easily.

Another method of removing unwanted dog fur from your car involves three steps. First, rub dryer sheets on the surface where you wish to remove the dog hair. This will make the fur softer and easier to remove. Next, remove the fur with a stiff-bristled brush using quick, yet light strokes so as not to damage your car's upholstery. If there are any hairs left, wrap strips of duct tape around your hand and pat the area, removing any lingering fur. Some dog owners claim using the duct tape method for removing dog hair from surfaces works by itself, so you may wish to jump right into using duct tape by itself, without the first two steps, and see if you can remove all of the hair. If not, try the dryer sheets and brush before the tape and this should work.

Another idea for removing dog hair from your car is to use hairspray, as strange as it sounds. Spray a fine mist of hair spray onto a damp towel or rag. Then, wipe the surface you wish to remove the dog hair from with the towel. This works well to bring up stubborn fur that tends to stick a little too well to your car's interior.

Some dog owners use Static Guard to remove unwanted dog fur. Static Guard is normally used to remove or reduce static electricity in clothes, but some claim it actually works on dog hair as well. Spray the Static Guard onto the surface and leave it alone for a couple of minutes. Then, simply vacuum up the fur that you have sprayed. Many people say this works like a charm.

There are many various methods and tricks for removing dog hair in your car, and we've gone over several that you can try the next time your canine takes a joy-ride in your vehicle. 



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