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Illinois Car Insurance

Taking the time to find the best Illinois car insurance rate comparison can be an excellent investment of time for most drivers in Illinois. In 2006, the average cost of annual Illinois auto insurance in Illinois was $740.. Having car insurance is mandated by Illinois law; therefore, if you drive it makes sense to shop around for the best deal you can find. Price comparison websites offer a helpful tool for helping you find the best rate available for your specific circumstances. Furthermore, most price comparison websites are free, quick and easy to use.

Like most states, Illinois state law requires that drivers have a certain minimum level of car insurance in order to drive legally. The minimum requirements in Illinois are $20,000 of bodily injury car insurance for each person in each accident; $15,000 worth of car insurance for property damage per accident; and $20,000 of uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage. This last requirement is to cover you for bodily injury received from a hit-and-run driver or a driver without car insurance in Illinois. These are the minimum requirements to drive legally in Illinois, though most drivers buy more Illinois car insurance that protects against a larger range of potential problems.

Unlike some other states, Illinois does not offer an alternative to normal car insurance to meet the minimum liability requirements, so all drivers must purchase regular car insurance. Because of this, the state government operates the Illinois Automobile Insurance Plan (IAIP) that offers coverage at a higher rate for motorists that have been unable to get private Illinois car insurance. In order to qualify for this public plan, you must show that you have been declined coverage by private insurers, so keeping track of the results of your price comparison research can be important.

Although Illinois car insurance is mandated by state law, the industry is still highly competitive, meaning that there are many companies trying to attract your business. By far the largest players in the industry are large national or statewide firms that can usually offer lower premiums because they insure many more motorists than their smaller competitors. In response, many of the smaller Illinois car insurance companies have directed their efforts toward specific niche markets. These niche markets are extremely diverse and may emphasize the type of driver (women, minorities, etc.), kinds of vehicles (classic cars, imported sports cars, etc.), or the locality in question (metropolitan area, local region, etc.). A quick look at the number of Illinois companies offering car insurance in your locale can be daunting.

For the consumer, the highly competitive nature of the Illinois auto insurance industry provides two primary advantages: competitive pricing and customer friendly quote provision. Since the rise of the Internet, almost all car insurance companies have provided an option to receive a general quote via their website. The only real exception to this trend has been among extremely specialized niche insurers that provide unusual car insurance products. The Illinois car insurance quotes received online are normally free and only take a few minutes to receive. What many people shopping around for vehicle car insurance fail to appreciate is that these free quotes are general in nature and only take into account a few of the factors that will ultimately determine whether or not a company will insure you and under what terms they will do so. Though it is important to keep this in mind, getting multiple quotes is a good first step to finding the right Illinois car insurance company for your specific circumstances..

The Illinois car insurance industry in general uses a complex series of calculations to determine the potential risk of any given consumer, and the car insurance industry is no exception to this rule. The basic idea is to determine the risk that each potential customer presents and then to set the Illinois car insurance premium at an appropriate level. If the Illinois car insurance company feels you represent a high risk consumer, your premium will be higher than another person determined to represent a lower risk driver. As car insurance is a legal requirement, many people consider this unfair; but as car insurance companies are private, for-profit businesses, they are allowed to use their own criteria to determine who they will insure and at what rate.

The geographic information that you have to provide to receive a free quote tells the car insurance company a number of different things about you and the risk you represent. Using the general statistics of particular geographic locations – often defined by zip code area or county – gives the car insurance company an idea of your general financial health as well as provides some information about how likely you are to be victimized by crime. If you live in DuPage County, near Chicago, then the car insurance company knows you live in one of the counties with the highest median income in the entire United States, strongly suggesting that you are doing well. Conversely, if you live in Alexander County (part of the Cape Girardeau–Jackson metropolitan area), it tells the company that you live in one of the poorest counties in the state of Illinois and that you may not be doing as well.

The information requested about your personal characteristics is used in a complicated risk analysis model that has become a standard in the Illinois auto insurance industry. By reviewing the historical performance of people sharing particular characteristics, such as age, gender and marital status, the industry has determined which characteristics tend to lead to increased risk. At present, single male drivers under the age of twenty-five are deemed the highest risk; while married, middle-aged females are considered the lowest risk drivers. Some companies may also take other personal characteristics in consideration, such as your ethnic origin or personal habits (like drinking or smoking).

The information about the vehicle to be insured that is requested when asking for a free car insurance quote comparison is also used to determine the risk you represent. The car insurance industry keeps track of the type of vehicle that is involved in claims as well as the average cost of repairs to these vehicles. The more frequently that a particular type of car is involved in a claim, the higher the premium will be for that kind of car. Luxury and sports cars are often the subjects of higher premiums while less expensive sedans usually receive the lowest premiums based on this risk metric.

The above are the most common metrics used in determining a free car insurance quote online. Getting free online autoinsurance quotes is the right first step when shopping for car insurance, but be sure to study the insurer’s offer in more detail before making your final selection.

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