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Importance of Used Car Mileage

Importance of used car mileage has always been acknowledged as something very significant and well worth thinking about for buyers of used cars. Getting a low miles used car was always the goal of buyers and continues to be. There is no doubt that if there are two otherwise identical cars next to one another and one of them has half the miles on it that the other one has, most people would leap at the chance to buy the low miles version.

But as time goes by, this statistic may be becoming less important. It is always going to have some significance, no doubt; but these days, no one who’s actually owned a few used cars is going to be scared off by a two year old vehicle with 80,000 highway miles on it. Cars last longer than they used to, are capable of performing at a high level longer than they used to be, and people drive differently than they used to, regardless of a proper car wax job has recently been completed. All these things contribute to this notion that the importance of used car mileage may be on the decline.

Car Durability and Mileage

Many people are amazed these days to hear that manufacturers sometimes offer 100,000 mile warranties to get buyers to purchase their vehicles. There was a time when the 100k mark was just about the time a vehicle was ready for the scrap heap. But these days, vehicles don’t even need a tune up until they hit that mark. Cars are lasting longer than they ever have before. This is something for used car buyers to consider. If there is a car out there that you love and that is priced right, but has a few more miles on it than you’re comfortable with, you may want to reconsider. After all, they could be highway miles.

Highway Driving and Used Cars

And of course, highway miles driven by commuters to and from work are not the same as city miles in stop and go traffic. Think about the wear on the brakes, the tires, the suspension, and all the other vehicular components. All of this is reduced by highway driving, provided the commuter manages to avoid rush hour most of the time. It is not uncommon to see two year old cars being sold with 80,000 to 100,000 miles on them, with nary a scratch or dent to show for it. This is a testament first of all to the willingness of people to drive far to their place of employment. But it is also a tribute to a well made car.

The mileage on a car is important, and it always will be important. But as time has passed, it has become less of an issue than it used to be. These days, if you get a truck with 40k on it, you almost feel like it is brand new, just barely broken in. Transmissions and engines are lasting longer than ever because of superior design. And used car buyers benefit from all of this just as much as new car buyers.

Best Used Cars for Sale

If you want to get a used car cheap, look for a two year old low miles machine that someone is selling out of habit because they are afraid to have an “old” car and have it “break” on them. Then enjoy the big savings on your payment and car insurance premium, and laugh all the way to the bank. Used car mileage importance is not the red flag some think it is, but we can benefit from those who fear it.


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