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Indiana Auto Insurance Discounts

Most drivers in Indiana are happy to find that they could easily save money every year on their automobile insurance. All they have to do is educate themselves about the auto insurance discounts available in IN, find out the ones that apply to them or their family, and talk to their auto insurance company about saving money.

While this might sound time consuming and tedious to some people, the truth is that vehicle insurance discounts are pretty straightforward and easy to apply, once you know what you're looking for. Interested drivers in Indiana need only learn about a few concepts before they will be able to spend less on their car insurance premiums.

Driver-Based Discounts

Many of the auto insurance discounts available in Indiana are based on who the driver is and/or how they drive. These discounts are often the easiest to do something about, because it's possible to change many aspects of who you are and how you drive. Other discounts may be more difficult to obtain, but that doesn't mean that none of them will apply to you.

The most common Indiana auto insurance discounts are based on the driver's record. The more moving violations and reported accidents a driver has, the more he is going to pay in car insurance. On top of that, most automobile insurance companies will offer a discount to drivers who have a clean record. These drivers are less likely to file a claim and, therefore, less likely to cost the auto insurance company money, and so they pay less in car insurance premiums.

Note that moving violations, even though they don't cost the automobile insurance company anything directly, will still make you ineligible for this discounts. Auto insurance companies have found that people who get caught taking risks on the road and get ticketed for those offenses are more likely to get into accidents and, therefore, more likely to file claims. Thus, you will want to not only keep your record free from accidents, but from other driving related offenses as well.

How you have educated yourself about safe driving can also make you eligible for an auto insurance discount, especially if you are a new driver, a young driver, or an older driver. Usually, this education takes the form of a defensive driving course or a drivers education class. Drivers who take these classes may find that they are not only better educated about safe driving, but are able to save money on their auto insurance.

The exact policies regarding courses that count toward this discount and the percentage of the discount are set by the insurance company directly, so it will be important to talk with yours about whether there are courses you can take that would lower your car insurance premiums. Make sure that the lower insurance rates will cover the cost of the class. Otherwise, it's not worth your time and money because you won't save overall.

You will also want to find out if your membership in any particular group or association can save you money on vehicle insurance. Sometimes, professional associations, alumni groups, and other sorts of groups will negotiate a reduction in premium price for their members. This is generally with a particular insurance company, so you won't have as much choice about where to go for your car insurance. On the other hand, the savings can be quite substantial so the lack of choice may be worthwhile. Talk to the main office for the group or association itself, as they will have the most up to date information on these offers.

Your profession can also play a part in gaining you a discount on your auto insurance. People in some professions have been statistically proven to get into fewer automobile accidents than people in other professions. Generally, those with desk jobs as well as engineers and librarians are statistically safer drivers, while people in high-energy or dangerous jobs are more likely to get into accidents. While you probably won't want to change careers solely for the sake of lower auto insurance premiums, it can be worthwhile to ask your car insurance company if the career you are in makes you eligible for a discount.

Finally, young drivers with a high GPA will often be eligible for a discount on their vehicle insurance premiums. Students who are responsible with their schoolwork have proven themselves to also be responsible behind the wheel, and insurance companies reward this with lowered rates. This can be particularly helpful for brand new drivers as they usually pay more for automobile insurance than more experienced drivers.

Other Auto Insurance Discounts

In addition to saving money because of who you are and/or how you drive, it's also possible to get other auto insurance discounts in Indiana. These tend to be based on the vehicle you drive or your particular relationship with your auto insurance company.

Many car insurance companies offer discounts for driving a safe vehicle. Depending on the particular company, this discount can be based on the vehicle's safety rating, particularly if it is a newer model, but can also be based on certain safety features the vehicle may possess. Some examples of features that could save you money on vehicle insurance premiums are anti-lock brakes or dual airbags. However, you will want to check with your particular company to see exactly how they handle this sort of discount. It may be worthwhile to install a safety feature after you buy your car, if it will save you significantly.

Similarly, vehicles with anti-theft devices can also earn you an automobile insurance discount. These devices, like a car alarm or a LoJack device, can make your car harder to steal or easier to recover if stolen, which means that your insurance company is less likely to have to pay to replace the vehicle. Thus, having these devices can help you get a discount on your auto insurance policy.

Your relationship to your auto insurance company can also save you money. If you have multiple cars and/or drivers on one policy, many companies will give you a discount. Having more than one type of policy with the same company, like a health, homeowner's, renter's, or life insurance policy along with your auto insurance policy, will also earn you savings with some companies. Note that this is only useful if you actually need each type of policy that you have. Being a long-term policyholder with a particular company can also garner savings, and some companies will let you save more the longer you stay with them. Paying your premium in full every time it needs renewal can also save you money. This ensures that you will remain a customer for that period of time, which is good for the company and so often earns you a discount.

Armed with this knowledge of possible auto insurance discounts, you should be able to pursue savings with your car insurance company or know which questions to ask when interviewing potential companies. Make sure you pursue your discounts aggressively. While most companies try to save you as much as possible, your tenacity can mean the difference between paying too much and getting a significant savings on your Indiana auto insurance.


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