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Indiana Factors that Affect Insurance Rates

When you're buying insurance in Indiana, it's important to know what factors about you and your vehicle will affect your auto insurance rates. That way, you can make sure that you're getting the best deal possible on car insurance. While your vehicle insurance agent will bring up most of these factors, it's in your best interests to know what they are so you can be sure to mention any that the agent doesn't bring up.

Getting the best deal you can on car insurance is often up to you. If you do your research and are aggressive about pursuing the discounts and factors that should lower your insurance, you will probably save more than someone who just takes the insurance company at their word and doesn't do some work on their own.

Factors About You

The first factors you'll want to consider when trying to save money on car insurance in Indiana are the ones about yourself. Some of these are things you can do something about and some of them are factors you cannot change, but all of them influence your automobile insurance premiums.

One key factor about you that affects your auto insurance rates in IN is your age. Younger drivers, specifically those under the age of 25, will pay more for car insurance than Indiana drivers above that age. These drivers are generally seen as having less experience and being more impetuous, so they are more likely to get into a car accident. Once drivers are over a certain age, which varies between insurance companies, they will pay more for vehicle insurance once again. Older drivers, because of failing eyesight and other age-related issues, also tend to have more accidents than middle-aged drivers and so will pay more for insurance.

Your gender also plays an important role in determining your automobile insurance premium. Men are statistically more likely to get into auto accidents than women are, so they will pay more for their coverage. This is particularly true of men under the age of 25, who pay some of the highest auto insurance rates of all. Many auto insurance companies believe that men get into more accidents because of their higher aggression, though this has not been proven.

Whether or not your are married will also influence how much you pay for vehicle insurance. People who are married, no matter their age or gender, are statistically less likely to get into car accidents than unmarried folks, and so pay less to insure their vehicle. Many people believe that this statistic is true because married people tend to be more grounded and responsible than unmarried people.

Where you live is important as well, when it comes to determining your auto insurance rates. If you live in an area where auto theft is common, you will pay more for insurance coverage because your car is more likely to be stolen. Living in an urban area will also cause you to pay more, as there are more vehicles on the road and, therefore, a higher chance of getting into an accident. Likewise, living in a rural area will save you money because, while you may drive more miles, you spend less time in traffic.

Your occupation is another factor that could influence what you pay for automobile insurance. People in some jobs have proven to be less likely to get into auto accidents than people who choose other careers. Generally, this is believed to be because people choose careers based, at least in part, on their personality. More responsible, sedate people choose desk jobs, and are also less likely to get into auto accidents, while more active people choose other kinds of jobs and are more likely to have trouble on the road.

Similarly, your hobbies can influence what you pay for automobile insurance. Someone who likes to garden, for example, is more likely to be responsible and drive safely, while someone who likes adventure sports or things like skydiving is more likely to take risks on the road and, therefore, be involved in auto accidents.

Your health can also be a determining factor when it comes to automobile insurance rates. If you are unhealthy, particularly in certain ways, you are more likely to have complications if you're involved in an auto accident. Since healthy people would not have these same problems, they will pay less for their insurance coverage than the unhealthy people will.

The most important factor that affects your vehicle insurance premiums in Indiana is your driving record. If you have a history of car accidents and/or tickets and moving violations, you are more likely to be in an accident again and so will pay more for insurance. Note that most insurance companies only count against you tickets and accidents that have occurred within a certain amount of time. If you're not sure, check with them about how they calculate this factor.

Your previous claims record is also important. Even if you were not involved in any accidents, if you made a lot of claims on a comprehensive policy, for example, you will pay more for insurance in the future. In addition, you can pay more even if you were involved in accidents that were not your fault. If you made a claim, the insurance company can justify charging you more for future insurance.

Finally, any policy lapses will cause you to pay more for auto insurance in the future. Even if you just forgot to pay your bill and the policy lapsed for a day or two, this will count against you when an insurance company calculates your future premiums. Thus, it's worth it to keep up your auto insurance not only so you are following the state laws, but also to save yourself some money.

Factors About Your Car

In addition to factors about you, there are some things about your car that can change how much you pay in auto insurance. Some of these are easier to change than others, though they all can be made to work in your favor.

The make and model of car you drive is important. Some vehicles are more likely to be stolen than others, and these will cost more to insure. In addition, newer cars usually cost more to insure than older ones because they would cost more to replace if anything happened.

Any safety or anti-theft features installed in your vehicle can also save you money. Things like dual airbags, a LoJack device, a car alarm, and anti-lock brakes can all work in your favor. It might even be worth it in the long run to install some of these so that you can save on insurance over the life of the car. Before you do that, though, make sure your company offers a discount for the feature you want to install.

Once you've made yourself familiar with these factors that can affect your auto insurance rates in IN, you are in a good position to save money on car insurance in the future. Make sure you mention any of the above factors that work in your favor to your auto insurance company so they can give you the lowest possible price on your car insurance coverage.


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